Chapter 30 and Editors

Welcome to chapter 30! I hope you stick with it past here – you’re more than half way through. I’ve already started on Book 2 of this story and if I lose you guys, then I’ll have no reason to finish it. I have every intention of ensuring that there is a better plot/sex ratio in this next book. I mean, I like sex as much as the next guy (or gal), but there’s way too much of it in these chapters – hence starting a Book 2 of Enstablishment. Few of the sex scenes in Book 1 are there just for the sake of having a sex scene. Something important is usually combined with the scenes. But I don’t want to bore you with too much sex.

And about editing. Ya know, editing this chapter was almost as hard as writing it. I sure as hell hope I didn’t screw up the work of not one, but three very helpful people who were willing to wade in and give me a hand with some of this crap.

So here’s the part where I get to thank them for their help! Thanks to KB, MWTB and Juggerr. If there are still screw ups in this chapter, it’s my fault, not theirs


About Dark Pen

I am Dark Pen. I write BDSM stories, almost always with plot and consider myself a Soldier in the battle against America's war on sex.
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