Piracy and Stupidity

Let me just say that this entry has little to do with Avatar. So if you were hoping for info about the story, or comments on it, they’ll be at the end of my rant. I’m also hoping that in my next blog entry, I’ll have found something interesting to write about that isn’t a rant. Any ideas? (Hmmm, doesn’t that last go against what a blog is supposed to be?)


So-called Piracy:

Gotta say, it sucks. I don’t think that people should steal. By the way, Piracy and stealing aren’t exactly, the same thing.


You copy a computer game several hundred times, then sell the copies.


You download the game, play the entire (or most of) the game, and never buy a copy.

You can replace the word ‘game’ with many other words: e-books, movies, music.

Let’s not forget though, that, at least for now, there is still something in this country called Fair Use. The big corps, and of course, our bought and paid for congress, have forgotten that. Just take a look at some of the bills they’re passing (The Induce act hasn’t passed yet, but they’ll keep at it until something like it has).

All these things are not why I’m writing this though. They’re just a set up. I’m writing because I recently bought a computer game called Half Life 2.

This was supposed to be a really fantastic game. Years in the making. Awesome physics model, amazing graphics. And, from what I’ve seen of it, it has those things. It also has something else that I find completely unconscionable: A new type of copy protection.

I’m not against protecting your work from Pirates. But I’m very against treating your customer like one.

I bought this game and was super excited. Then I tried installing it. It took over three hours. And, because of some bullshit copy protection, you can’t put it on a machine that has no internet connection. The game company’s servers crashed for HOURS that first day. There were many, many pissed off people. I’m considering taking the thing back, even though I’ve gotten it to work.

See, the game makes you run it through a fucking online account. It has an offline mode that mostly works. But this kind of shit has got to stop. Don’t take my word for how pissed off people are. Look on the forums in Planethalflife.com and see what people are saying.

Now, I’ll tell you straight off something that I rarely say: Anyone who flames me for this blog? Your comments will go straight to /dev/null. Meaning nowhere.

Finally, and back on the topic of Avatar, I received a lot of email from people after I posted my last blog. Everyone was very encouraging, which is nice. I know that not everyone agrees with me. I’m sure that most people who don’t, just don’t write to me. Understandable.

I did make an offhand comment, in my last blog, about me not doing this for a living and not getting paid for my writing. Someone, a very kind someone, actually offered to send me money. I was surprised, to say the least. (and no, I didn’t take them up on it — for a number of reasons.)

It’s not that I don’t take commissions for stories: I do. But when most people find out what the going rate is, they pale and back away 🙂

Avatar is not a commissioned story, just so you know. If it was, well, it would have been very expensive. Someday, I do hope to publish something, most likely in what’s known as ‘Speculative Fiction’. But for the moment, I’m having fun with, and admittedly, practicing on, Avatar.

I hope you continue to enjoy it.


About Dark Pen

I am Dark Pen. I write BDSM stories, almost always with plot and consider myself a Soldier in the battle against America's war on sex.
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