Killing Trees

Someone recently made a suggestion to me. I was somewhat flattered, but it also seemed a little odd. He said that I should get Avatar published. Now, not for nothing, but I see several problems with this.

Subject matter aside, who would buy something in print that they could get for free on the net?

I mean, I know that there are folks who like the story, but considering what it would cost to get it published somewhere like Cafepress, would people really pay $30 for it?

Then, there’s the subject matter. Oh, they have XXX books there for sale, but I rather doubt they contain some of the types of characters that Avatar has. And if you’ll recall my rants on how the religious right has taken over America, I just don’t think that anyplace would publish this story.

However, there is a story I’ve been meaning to follow up. Office Games.

I wonder if folks would be really upset with me if I published the follow up on that story, rather than putting it on the net 🙂 Hmmm. Something to think about…


About Dark Pen

I am Dark Pen. I write BDSM stories, almost always with plot and consider myself a Soldier in the battle against America's war on sex.
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5 Responses to Killing Trees

  1. Anonymous says:

    No, not upset
    No, I will not be upset. Dissapointed – maybe, but not upset. I do buy action novels (or whater they’re categoriezed under) every now and then in bookstores.
    I bought some years ago a BDSM novel, but the plot in it (was there a plot?) doesn’t make me want to re-read it.
    When I buy books, I also think of re-read value. And way too often, that is dissapointingly low. I will not comment on the re-read value of your work, becouse I it’s too new to me to have formed an opinion. I think I have read most of it though.
    Even with the cost of hard currency, the advantage of having books is they can be read everywhere with light. Computers or even electricity isn’t neccesary.
    If you do manage to have something published, I’ll get upset if you don’t provide enough info to buy them. Preferably both in stores and online, most preferably pdfs online for me, I think — I’ve never bought a book that way though.
    My thoughts on the matter,

    • thekat03 says:

      Re: No, not upset
      i have read (and reread) office games, and i think that i’d personally be willing to buy a follow-up to that, especially if the follow-up could also contain the original as well
      sure, i can read the original office games online, but there’s something about having a good story in a nice tangible book that i can curl up in a bed and read without having to try and juggle a laptop and fuss about power cables and so on
      even just printing out the story isn’t quite as nice as a real book with a binding and nice pretty cover
      i’m more willing to buy something if i’ve had a chance to read some of it online and i think it’s worth the money, and if i get a chance to read all of it online and really like it, it’s worth the money to buy (assuming i have said money, of course)
      so… no, i don’t think i’d be disappointed to not have free access to an office games follow-up
      i’ll just be impatiently waiting for the chance to buy it (:

  2. Anonymous says:

    re killing trees
    One of the things that i dont like about reading online is that i cant give a copy of what i read to friends. Ok i could download it but for some reason if you give someone a book they are more likly to read it than if its just another file on a computer.
    And if the subject matter is a problem in your mind try reading some Ann Rice she not only has sex in her storys but things that go way beyond try the Lasher series for exeample it has insest,rape,intergenerational sex just to name a few so I say go for it.
    And if it does well then there is one more of the good guys getting what they deserive

  3. Anonymous says:

    Not upset!
    I agree with a previous poster (commentator?) that including the original Office Games would improve the product, but I’d buy either way, assuming the price was within reach ($30 OK, $150 probably not).
    I really dislike reading anything more than a few paragraphs at a time on screen – that I’ve done so here is a mark of how much I like Dark Pen’s writing.
    Re Avatar, I think Dark Pen is overstating how much control the religious right has. Avatar is mild and good humored (so far anyway) compared to any number of published works (Atwood’s HANDMAIDEN’S TALE) for example. Folks who publish erotica (especially BDSM erotica) are less likely than usual to be respectful of the feelings of the Jerry Fallwells and Pat Robertsons and their not-so-merry crew.

  4. mdsandler says:

    Yeah, I know this LJ post is months old, but I’d love to have a print version as well. I’ve been tempted to print it myself on my own printer, but having to download and then likely format each chapter might be rough.
    If I make a full copy in Acrobat for myself to print, would you like a copy?

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