Sorry about the late posting. I usually try to get these things out earlier in the evening, but it’s been a less than stellar week. As always, my thanks to KB, who managed to come through despite his hardware issues 🙂 And thanks to Felinicus for his willingness to help out more than he might have originally intended.



About Dark Pen

I am Dark Pen. I write BDSM stories, almost always with plot and consider myself a Soldier in the battle against America's war on sex.
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3 Responses to Postings

  1. And I thought I was imaginative. This was a wonderful chapter, my friend. This series, along with Summer Camp, is my most looked forward to reading. As a fellow Dom, I salute you for your quality work. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Felinicus asks…
    Are you having mail problems?
    Mail client is saying no such user when I mail you.

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