That’s one word that I can use to describe how I feel today. Outraged is yet another. Have all generations of Americans had to watch their Congress get bought and their rights legislated away? There were several things that I read today that just really pissed me off. Here’s a link ( )
to one of them — yet another law that our government feels is needed to protect minors from pornography. Note that the link only give a basic idea what this latest travesty is all about, but it’s a good starting point. Here’s another link with a bit more information, and excellent examples, should you so desire:

Here’s another one about flag burning:
Now, as for flag burning? Hey, if you want to burn a flag, go fer it. If you do it in front of me, expect that I’m going to be displeased and you might end up in a hospital. You expressed yourself and so did I, and if the amendment passes (it won’t, but they keep trying) we BOTH have done something illegal.

Here’s one that was a real doozy. The Supreme Court has ruled that it’s okay for cities to seize people’s homes. Eminent domain is nothing new. The difference here is that they’ve ruled it’s okay to take someone’s home so that a BUSINESS can be put there. Not a highway or a public project, but a fucking BUSINESS!

This is outrageous, to say the least. And what I find frightening is that for every one person like me, who sees their rights being trampled by Congress, this President, and the religious reich, there are a dozen who think this is all just fine because we’re at war and after all, we’re just trying to protect Amer’ca from all those preverts!

So. When all you people out there start getting pissed off about how certain types of people are portrayed in Avatar, just pick up your local news paper and try to see things from the view of someone who’s not one of those poor, abused, Religious Fundimentalists that everyone’s so worried about offending. It’s difficult to think outside the box, but give it a shot.

This is not a political blog, nor is a forum for me to bash other religions, despite the fact that I’m rarely, if ever, shown the same courtesy. But I gotta tell you, that in my life, the people who are causing me the most angst ARE Fundies. From their point of view, it’s all for my own good. And ther’re entitled to their point of view — as long as it doesn’t start negatively impact my life.

Unfortunately, it’s already too late for that.


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I am Dark Pen. I write BDSM stories, almost always with plot and consider myself a Soldier in the battle against America's war on sex.
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3 Responses to Sadness

  1. Anonymous says:

    rant all you want
    Lots of agreement here. I wish all of us luck — we’re gonna need it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    another blog, another rant
    Love the stories; hate the politics.
    I’m a libertarian who tends to vote conservative – NOT this “compassionate” bullshit; I’m sick and fucking tired of paying for stuff I don’t want, desire, or even agree with.
    This gubmint is pissing me off with the righty restrictions; but the lefty restrictions also piss me off. Forex: the thoughtcrimes of political correctness.
    The lefty war against Shrub is also really pissing me off.
    He didn’t knowingly lie, unless his god told him he was barking up the wrong tree. Any reasonable (and most unreasonable) people thought Hussain had stockpiles of chemical and/or bio weapons kicking around. Hell, we found hundreds and thousands of tons of precursor components, conveniently located near the equipment to weaponize them. They weren’t mixed together and/or had civilian applications, so what? Concentrated insecticide is a dandy neurotoxin, people just have a large enough volume that they don’t reach the effective threshold with normal use.
    The war probably had little to do with cheap oil; and probably had a lot more to do with removing the hammer-lock dictatorships have in the region. As an advertisement for the effectiveness of the US military (think China), it can’t be beat. We’ve had troops killed, and some non-politically correct actions – even a few murders by soldiers who thought they were above the law. This is being focused on by most major news outlets (perhaps because they tend to be populated by leftists – due to the storied era of muckrakers); but the overall reality is that the US can be involved in a major regional conflict and not have the nation be on anything like a war footing.
    Name one other modern country that can do that. As a nation, we need to get China to become scared. They have repeatedly said that they want the planet and we’re in the way. If we looked like a nation of pussies (tossing around a few missiles and bailing when a half-dozen troops die), they might roll onto us… which would be very, very bad for all concerned.
    OTOH, I’m very concerned about the curtailment of my liberties, the establishment of secret courts, and the selective enforcement of laws. I fear the excesses of an out-of-control judiciary that legislates with no checks on its power (there are none in the Constitution, unless the judge actually commits a crime). I fear the lefties are pushing too hard, too fast; I fear the righties are pushing back… and the righties are, slowly but surely, winning for the first time in over fifty years. I fear for what my country could become if either side wins.
    I also take solice with the knowledge that I will someday die, and I will be finally be beyond witnessing my brothers and sisters tearing apart the beautiful experiment I fought and bled for.
    Thank you for your imaginative, and intelligent stories. I face you from across a political divide, but it need not be a chasm.

    • Dark Pen says:

      Re: another blog, another rant
      Jason, let me say this about that:
      First off, I don’t what your post means. I said nothing about Iraq. I was FOR the invasion, until it became clear that they lied. And yes, I know they did. That’s not open for debate,as far as I’m concerned.
      You and I are exactly on the same side when it comes to many things. Not the least of which is that I was not amused when the last President used our Military for Meals on Wheels. I’ve always been an advocate for a strong defense in this country. China is, indeed,going to be a problem, but I gotta tell you, I think that it’s unlikely that it’ll be any time soon. We’re going to have too much on our plate facing the terrorists. And all the while, just as in the War On Drugs, our civil liberties will dissapear under the weight of large corporations, the government, and fundimentalist religious groups.
      For the record, I was a Liberatarian. But they believe, incorrectly, that companies will police themselves. I’ve seen zero evidence to support this.

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