Some days you just can’t win. Today might be one of those.

I started playing with the iPod. iTunes isn’t bad, but I think I’m way not happy to have Quicktime on my computer. Or rather, to be forced to have it on my computer, then have it force it’s way into the computer memory by way of the system tray. Few things piss me off more. Fortunately msconfig works. Anyway…

I never really cared about the ID3 tags in my MP3 files. Now I do, because the iPod/iTunes uses the typical Mac like system. Meaning that they don’t want/expect the user to know what’s going on behind the scenes. That’s fine. Honestly, as long as the thing works, I don’t care if it stores its info in a database, flat files or a binary file. I expect that will change the first time I need to relocate that library it’s busy forming. Especially since I’d like to have iTunes on more then one computer. Yes, I’ve done the reading and yes I know it can be done, but that’s not what this entry is about.

Nope. This one’s about a tool that looked pretty nice. Something that, when you selected the files in iTunes, then pressed a button, the tool would update the id3s, and pull down cover art. I couldn’t care less about cover art. But it would have been nice to have the tags updated with the artist/album/genre info. This tool actually has a check box for that last — but it’s grayed out. So I thought I’d write an entry in the guy’s blog and ask about it. I tried three times to do it. But the oh-so-wonderful identification system on the blog, doesn’t work. At least not for me. I tried to type in the little letters in the verification box three times, only to have it fail three times. I guess there’s something about my browser. But it it doesn’t support Firefox, then it shouldn’t be in use, IMHO 🙂

Of course, it could just be my day in the barrel.

Here’s the tool. As I said, it works great if you want album art, and since it’s free, that makes it even better. If anyone knows a tool that will autoupdate the rest of the information in an MP3, please feel free to let me know.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    constructive critisism please
    to start i have to say Avatar is one of the best reads i have ever had the pleasure of.
    i just wanted to politly ask that you not let the charactor stories become to similar
    the whole questioning the lea thing then their new powers then another similar ritual
    thats all mate other than that its utterly addictive
    have a good one mate

  2. Anonymous says:

    ID3 Tag tool
    Check out MP3TAG at
    After searching the world for an ID3 tag tool, this is the best I could find. Florian deserves all the praise he has gotten for this tool. I really like the TAG to File name (and vice versa) that renames the file based on the tag (or creates a tag based on the filename).

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