Training Jenny is UP

Yippi! Training Jenny has hit the market and it’s selling like… well… it’s selling some, anyway 🙂 Here’s the link to the page. It’s on there, and if there isn’t one yet, there will be a cover for it soon. I hope you enjoy it. Think of some of the harder scenes in Avatar, and that’s mostly what’s in Training Jenny. Plot, but mostly hot F/F sex. Anyway, it’ll be on this page for a while, and I’ll change the link after they move it. It’s currently 7.50, but will eventually go up to 8 or 8.50.

If you buy it, feel free to write me here and let me know what you think.

I am going to do more work on what the LJ looks like. I’m not liking the colors, and there have been comments about the red/black text thing. Since I pretty much agree with them, I’ll have to fix things.


About Dark Pen

I am Dark Pen. I write BDSM stories, almost always with plot and consider myself a Soldier in the battle against America's war on sex.
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5 Responses to Training Jenny is UP

  1. Anonymous says:

    Light blue with black text is very easy on the eyes. The dark blue on grey in the side menus is a little more problematic.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Training Jenny
    A fairly nice story, the sex very nice. However, I don’t feel this quite reaches the quality of your Avatar stories. 1 more round of proofreading would have greatly improved it, imho. It gives the appearance of having been run through a spellchecker – all of the words are spelled correctly, but in many places the wrong word was chosen, which really breaks the immersion.

    • Dark Pen says:

      Re: Training Jenny
      The writing for the site is not like what I write for Avatar. I was told that most people who buy from the site are not interested in reading too much plot — they just want hard hitting (um… no pun intended) sex. So, that’s what I put in that book.
      As for the editing, well, I’d been told that they were going to have someone edit it. They didn’t, which makes me unhappy, since I know that while I can write pretty well, I’m not such a great editor. I’ll have to speak to that site owner.
      Thanks, and I hope you weren’t too disappointed.

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: Training Jenny
        Well, you certainly hit the spot (hehe, no pun intended) with regards to the sex bit 😉
        Agreed, some sort of editing process would probably have cleared out most of the grammatical errors, but it’s not that big of a deal. You don’t really read these kinds of stories expecting perfect spelling and grammar… Besides, even authors backed by big publishers and professional editors make mistakes, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.
        All I can say is keep up the good work, and I’m looking forward to read more of your work. As always, let us know when anything new “comes” out *grins*

      • Dark Pen says:

        Re: Training Jenny
        Well, it’s off to the editor now. I requested that someone else look at it, and they have agreed. Of course, the big sale week was last week, so who knows if it’ll sell any more copies after then.

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