Chapter 26!

Well, it’s been some time since I’ve posted here. Sorry about that. I’d love to say that it’s because I’ve been busy doing wonderful things, but I really can’t. I’ve come yet another step closer to losing my job, which, I can assure you, is making me unhappy. OTOH, I’d like to just send a cheery FUCK YOU to my company.

I could go on for a long time about why they suck, but honestly, the more I see and hear about corporate America, the more I despair for this country. These feelings aren’t new, however, but they certainly weren’t mitigated by my current circumstance.

Anyway, enough of that shit.

Someone emailed me and asked what sort of stories I read. So, I thought I’d mention some authors and stories that I’m really enjoying. One author is named rache. I don’t love all her stuff, but I’m really enjoying (to my rather great surprise) a story she’s writing called Girl Fag. It’s a hot story in a lot of ways, but there were some things that put me off about it, in the beginning of the story. But those things have to do with my own preferences rather than there being something wrong with the story. Another one she wrote that I’m just wild about is called the Ming Prophecy. However, she’s only a few chapters into it, and I have no idea if she’ll continue it. If she does, it’ll certainly be worthy of a read.

Another writer I really like is Joe J. I sort of stopped reading his Twice Lucky series, but I really enjoyed his story Johnny Pulaski. Twice Lucky was quite good as well, but sometimes I fall out of the mood to read something and I stop following the story.

A Strange Geek has a really cool story called “The House at the End of the Street.” It’s very nicely done, and he just started a follow up. Nice hot story, good plot, good writing. I mean, what else do you need?

Another good writer is Volentrin He doesn’t write sex stories, he tends to write just SciFi/Fantasy. He’s not too bad, actually, and I like reading his stories. Certainly, he’s better than Travis S. Taylor — a commercial author.

Now, I read a book called Von Neumann’s war, which Taylor co-wrote with John Ringo, who is one of my favorite authors. That book was really good, and after reading more of Taylor’s stuff, I can tell who actually wrote the thing. Taylor’s first book was called Warp Speed. It was… not too bad. A little too pat, I think. But the follow up to that was called The Quantum Connection. Pure crap. If it were put on Storiesonline as a fiction novel, it’d rate about a six. Really. I couldn’t even get through the whole thing, because it turned into some adolescent fantasy — completely unrealistically presented — with some hard core science thrown in for effect. Read it if you don’t believe me, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Speaking of commercial authors, how about that Laurell K. Hamilton, eh? C’mon, I write better porn than she does, and lets face it, porn is what she’s writing. Oh… excuse me… um this is commercial, so it must be erotica. And here’s the really sad, pathetic part: I still buy and read her books! ARG!

If you like that type of book though, I gotta tell ya, Kim Harrison is really writing some Kick Ass stuff! Wow, I’ve loved every page of her books. So too with Carrie Vaughn’s books: Kitty and the Midnight Hour and Kitty Goes to Washington. Great stories, excellent characters and a nice, fast paced writing style.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of what I read, but since at least one person was interested, and I had nothing else to write about without bitching, I thought I’d put this down.

So, about Avatar. It’s not abandoned (I just posted chapter 26 tonight) and I haven’t stopped work on it. It’s just glacially slow (as in I’m just finishing up chapter 28. Sheesh!). Time, and more importantly, inclination to write such a complex story has been slim. I’ve been working on other stuff though — some of it I hope to put in the commercial arena. Where, no doubt, some blogger will rip it to shreds. Oh well.

Finally, I could use some good vibes. I’m waiting to hear back about an interview I went on. The job wouldn’t be paradise, but it would be a job that I could do, and one that I think I would like. Good wishes would be appreciated.

And that’s all for now.


About Dark Pen

I am Dark Pen. I write BDSM stories, almost always with plot and consider myself a Soldier in the battle against America's war on sex.
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9 Responses to Chapter 26!

  1. Good Vibes!!!!!!!!
    You wanted good vibes, so here they are 🙂
    I’ve been following Avatar from the beginning on ASSTR, and then discovered you were on SOL as well, (so glad, as it’s easier to read new chapters and see when they appear on SOL)
    All I can say is please keep going and don’t lose faith. Jobs may suck but LIFE has to come first (I’m in the UK, working for a company that was taken over by a French Corp 3 years ago, and it’s slowly but surely sliding down the pan, along with the rest of this country…)
    Good luck with the new job, it’s much better to be doing something you like, even if it’s not the greatest thing in the world because happiness truly does make the World go round (and help stories be written :-)))

    • Dark Pen says:

      Re: Good Vibes!!!!!!!!
      Thanks for the good thoughts 🙂 They are appreciated, that’s for sure. I doubt that I’ll stop writing Avatar, but it might continue to be slow for a time.
      Good luck with your job over there 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good Luck and Good Hope!
    Hi Pen,
    I do hope things get better for you. Good Luck from the Crazies in Tampa. Wish you the best of everything.
    Still Bored in Tampa!

  3. *sending good vibes*
    Hey there! Gods know that i understand about time and inclination to write. Things here have been really hellish. i’m sending good vibes your way and hope you get that job you’re aiming for!
    i look forward to reading chapter 26, and thanks for all the reading recs… i need some distractions where i can get them, and if they’re really spiffy stories… all the better.
    *smiles* Be well!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Best of luck!
    Working in a situation that isn’t fulfilling can truly drain one of everything that matters. Best wishes for finding something better, until you find “something best”.

  5. steveh11 says:

    You wanted good vibes?
    Here, catch these!
    [b]Very best of luck[/b] with the job situation. It sucks to have to go do something every day, with no hope of enjoyment, just because “you have to”. So, hopefully, this will be the chance to change that situation very much for the better!
    As for Avatar: I’ll keep reading as long as you keep writing,at whatever pace you can manage. It’s wonderful to see the Tina/Cindy situation starting to resolve!

    • Dark Pen says:

      Re: You wanted good vibes?
      Yup. Suck it does. And I’ve been doing it for every year I’ve worked for this company. I made the decision to stick with it because the job was supposed to have some security, something which, thanks to the greed of upper management, off-shoring and H1B visa’s is in very short supply.
      I thought folks would appreciate the Tina/Cindy thing, since it’s been a plot line that’s been hanging around a long time.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Here’s some more!
    Have some European vibes (no, not THAT kind, sheesh…), maybe they’ll help!
    My Corporation Of Choice was started by the French who sold out to the English and was subsequently “acquired” by you Yanks, imagine how I feel 😉
    All I can say is good luck with the job hunting if you are so inclined. I really do enjoy your stories, so you just keep on writing and I’ll keep on reading and buying!
    PS: I’m sure there’s a joke about Apple and iVibes in here somewhere… Just in case you haven’t seen them yet, do a Google image search for “iVibe” *grins*

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