SG-69 and Year End

Well… another chapter of SG-69 is up. Only one more and that’ll be the end of the first SG-69 mission. Who knows if there will be another? Response has been mainly lackluster, so we’ll see. Of course, I don’t always write just to please my vast fan base 🙂

Avatar news:

Avatar is still being worked on. I don’t know if the new year will prompt me to write faster or slower, but I do know that I have several important goals in the new year. Not resolutions, goals. One goal is to finish a real novel for a publication attempt. We’ll see how that goes. Another goal is to find a job with a company that doesn’t suck.

Speaking of which:
A quick year-end review…

This year sucked. It has been, hands down, the worst of my life and I hope that I can always look back at it and say the same thing, cuz I don’t want to experience a worse one. My friends, my family and, most especially, my wonderful wife have helped me through. It hasn’t been easy on them either — it never is knowing that your friend/family member/spouse almost died.

As for the no good, miserable pieces of shit that I work for? Fuck you all. You helped drive me to this sickness, then had the fucking gall to lower my rating because I not only missed a lot of time while recovering, but (on doctor’s orders — not that I was well enough anyway) didn’t make that time up. Fuck you all. Lets see you live through what I did, then ‘make up your time’. And thanks so much for not only helping cause this condition, but, once I got it, doing almost everything in your power to continue to damage my health and slow my recovery.

My wishes for the new year:
Regain my health.
Finish my novel.
Finish Avatar B2 (and the newest side story).
Attend more play parties!

May 2007 be a better year for all of us.

Goddess Bless.


About Dark Pen

I am Dark Pen. I write BDSM stories, almost always with plot and consider myself a Soldier in the battle against America's war on sex.
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6 Responses to SG-69 and Year End

  1. Anonymous says:

    I hope your wishes will come true.
    I do not know you, but i allways wishes anybody the best, as long as it will not cost somebody who does not diserves it.
    I wish you will find the time to write lots of Avatar chapters.
    Get healthy soon,

  2. steveh11 says:

    First up, thanks for the new chapter of SG-69, which I enjoyed mightily!
    But mainly I hope that the new year brings a change in fortune for you, that your health improves. Also that you find employment somewhere that doesn’t suck, and that you find time to write!
    what you write is something else. I’m selfish enough to want lots more Avatar, but I can’t help the feeling that I ought to be encouraging you to write your novel for publication. So I will. Consider yourself encouraged! 😀

    • Dark Pen says:

      Thanks for all the wishes 🙂
      I’ve started an erotic novel that I hope will go off to a publisher. It’s explicit, but they say that’s what they want. If they don’t want it, I’ll publish it on the other site that sells my stuff. We’ll see what happens…

  3. Aww! *hugs* I do hope you feel better(major health issues are rarely easy to get through while keeping your sanity, I know) and may the POS you work for meet their karma much sooner than they anticipate.
    While I love and adore Avatar(and of course am drooling anxious, for more)… I will wish you well with your novel as well! *grins* I’m working on mine, slowly but surely. And may the play parties lighten your spirits.
    2006 was hell for me too, so I’m praying that I never have another one like it. 2007 had better be an improvement!
    Now… to bed with me, because I have 2 hours to sleep before I get picked up for a small respite with my Master.
    Blessings and good health,

    • Dark Pen says:

      Yeah, that whole Karma thing would be nice. But we’ll just have to see 🙂
      I’d like to attend some play parties this year, cuz I sure as hell didn’t last year. That sucked in a big way.
      Avatar will continue, and we’ll see how the new novels go as I work on them. The real need is to concentrate on what I need to write, rather than spreading out too much. Three novels (Avatar being one of them) is a lot to work on, but I think I have one for every mood 🙂
      Hope you have fun with your Master!

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