Now honestly, I was not inclined to like Vista before I ever thought someone would force me to buy it. But then, it turned out that I needed a new laptop (I didn’t, but my wife did and so things get bumped down the line), and I got a decent deal on a 12 inch XPS, so I took it. And had Vista shoved down my throat by Dell. I’m sure you can tell I wasn’t amused.

I had another copy of XP Pro that wasn’t in use, so I got hold of the drivers for it, and prepared for battle. Since I had no idea what Vista was really like, I decided to give it a short go before I blew it away for ever.

Vista, is a total piece of shit.

First of all, they changed around a whole bunch of crap that they shouldn’t have touched. Different menu options, etc. That was stupid, but I understand the urge to change a program.

Then I tried to run a program I had. Vista made sure I wanted to use the program, since it was possible said program could take over the known world. I said I did. I used the program, then Vista told me that I had used the program and that it was evil because it hadn’t installed anything and what did I want to do? What the hell did it think I was going to do? What I wanted to do was rip the fucking OS out by the roots.

Then I installed C&C 3 and tried to run it. It ran slower on the new computer than it did on my old laptop. It ran like a dog. I was neither amused nor surprised. Now C&C3 (and I have LOVED Command and Conquer since the first one came out years ago) has its own problems. Most notably, the fact that the game has a tendency to push a person’s CPU to %100. The assholes on their forums suggested that it was a hardware problem. Yeah. I’m sure. Especially on dual 64’s. Then there’s the small issue of the game just completely freezing the computer after patch 1.05 has been applied.

Anyway, those issues aside, I love C&C. Don’t love EA or their fan boys a whole lot.

And Vista IS the OS to stay away from. But don’t take my word for it. This is a mighty good read:


So… on to that writing stuff. New chapter of Avatar is out. I’m praying that you guys don’t lose patience with me, cuz I’m finding it a hard go. Problem isn’t exactly writers block. It’s more like I have a ton of projects that I want to work on at the same time. That’s not workin’ so well. What I really need is discipline. Yeah, yeah, I’m a Dom. Well writing and sex are two different things. I’ve tried to keep it down to just a few stories at once, which is sort of working. But then I don’t feel like I’m getting anything accomplished because I’m writing too slowly. Arg.

And on that front, I’ve actually finished my first outline. Or what I call an outline. I don’t usually use one, not even on Avatar. My process is a bit more organic than that. But I even have notes for Avatar now. Which makes me wonder if that means I’m getting to be a better writer, or a worse one. I guess if you guys read the latest chapter and hate it, I’ll have some indication. But the outline I did was for another SG-69 story. I like those characters, and I’ve avoided the temptation to have Major Wilds have a bit of fun using Samantha Carter for a sex slave. Not even sure SG-1 will make it into this story, beyond a minor part. Hell, at this point, I’m not even sure when I’ll write the damned thing.

Oh! I read the latest Laurell K. Hamilton — The Harlequin. Not bad. Not enough to redeem her sex stories, which was really all her last books were, but moving in a good direction, I think. Less Christian Angst, and I’m all for that.

So there ya have it, the latest Pen Report.


About Dark Pen

I am Dark Pen. I write BDSM stories, almost always with plot and consider myself a Soldier in the battle against America's war on sex.
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23 Responses to VISTA SUCKS!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Haven’t lost patience, you write stories that are worth waiting for DP. Keep on writing, and we will always be waiting. I cant wait to see where the development of the storyline and the rich characters goes in the future. As always, your writing style seems to grow with each installment of the stories you write.

    • Dark Pen says:

      Thanks. Maybe the writing’s improving because I’m writing so much other shit. Still, I’m glad you’re still into the story. The Avatar universe is pretty big, and I have plans for after Book II. Lot’s of plans, which might take a while, but I’m hoping I’ll get to 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love your stories so will wait as long as it takes for them to come. They are definetly worth it. One of the few BDSM stories that are actually worth reading. Eagerly awaiting the next chapters. =)

    • belter says:

      I think why it is worth reading is because the BDSM relationships are shown as caring ones not as angry ones.

      • Dark Pen says:

        I’ve never liked either “Down on your knees bitch” BDSM and have always felt that anger has no place in that kind of play. Of course, YMMV, since I’m more than a little squeamish about female tears during play, and lots of people thing that’s just fine. Still, I’ve of the opinion that a BDSM relationship requires a lot of trust and one needs to pay a lot of attention to what’s going on. People tend not to concentrate so well when they’re angry.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Your stories are definitely worth waiting for. It is difficult to find particularly interesting stores, and when I do they are almost never as well written or are not as well matched theme-wise.
    Will have to wait to see what this new chapter is like until I am not at work, but I’m sure it will be great.
    Also glad to hear you are working on a new SG1 idea, though I am hopeless on names so can’t remember who is who.
    I can’t comment on Vista, not tried it yet. But the menu/look&feel changes in XP were a struggle to start with but are now normal, so maybe it is wait and see. If you hadn’t had a spare copy of XP, surely the solution was to give your wife the Vista machine (assuming she minds less). And one final comment – I thought Dell had backtracked on the only-Vista-on-new-machines? Or is that only for some machines, or only in UK?

    • Dark Pen says:

      If it were just menu changes, that’d be no big deal. But, top to bottom. Vista was built by and for the Hollywood establishment, to protect their dead business model. And the OS just sucks. It redefines bloat.
      I wasn’t going to give the new machine to my wife though 🙂 I bought it because I need a more powerful machine than she does. As for Dell selling XP, that’s only on selected models. I argued for over an hour to get XP for my machine, and they told me no.
      Glad you’re still into Avatar, and don’t worry, when (if) I finish the new SG story, you’ll remember folks soon enough 🙂

  4. Whee! i ❤ Avatar!!! i check it weekly for updates, and i'm always pleased to see a new chapter. It's BDSM and sex, but it also has a plot! It's always interesting, and never dull. So, brava. Awesome new chapter.
    Thanks for that small review on The Harlequin. i want it for my birthday (which is tomorrow! Woo-hoo!) but wasn’t sure how good it was.
    i hate Vista too. With a passion. my desktop has Vista, and my laptop has XP, and i’m SO GLAD that my laptop has XP. i loathe Vista with a passion, especially since i need a fucking new printer now that it won’t accept the software. *grumble complain* And XP was obliterated on the desktop because Vista screwed with the screen for a good long while. i’m quite happy to stay with what works, LOL.
    Anywho, be well, and i will wait patiently for Avatar. And me being patient is a rare thing only gifted in spectacular situations. And Avatar is spectacular.

    • Dark Pen says:

      Kiska you rock! And I love your Icon. As I recall, it wasn’t long before he said, “No… no… this is what going mad feels like” I think that was when they were singing about Jayne in the bar. What an awesome show, and a true tribute to the complete idiocy of Fox networks.
      Yeah, Vista sucks, as I’m mentioned. If you have the old XP key and can borrow a disk, you should be able to use your old key. Not sure if that’s legal, but it should be.
      Thank you for your lavish praise. It’s enough to know that I might be making a few ladies a bit damp here and there.

  5. knightly38 says:

    I love your stories, The BDSM element is a hit or miss with me, since I’m not into that world very much (maybe a little more than I’m willing to admit) but your story still sails along with or without it.
    The last few chapters have been a little slower than previous, but still a very good read. My only complaint is that the story is so good that I read them way to fast and then its wait for the next one.
    I still think you should give up the day job and become a professional writer. but then I’d have to buy the story so that wont work.
    as for the problems with Vista, all I can say is Go Mac, Go.

    • Dark Pen says:

      Re: Stories
      Yeah, the slowness of getting out Avatar chapters has actually made me almost consider not putting them out at all, at least until the story’s finished. Didn’t think people would like that though, so I haven’t done it.
      I’d love to go pro — actually, in a way, I have, since I do have a couple of ebooks out — but you know that’s not enough to live on. The vast majority of writers don’t make enough to live on.
      I’d be interested in Macs, but for two things:
      No current games (by current, I mean hot off the shelves)
      Too Much Money!

      • knightly38 says:

        Re: Stories
        Don’t let the slowness of posting discourage you. We will wait patiently however long we have to. The Story is well worth the time it takes.
        I read over 200 books a year and let me tell you, some of them are crap. So if they can get published and make a few bucks then you shouldn’t have any problems.
        The new Macs are such that you can play any Windows game (or program) on them at no cost in performance. But your right, Macs are expensive. (But worth it)

  6. ironbudokan says:

    Yeah, Vista blows. I haven’t heard anyone sing it’s praises yet. I like XP, though.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I always have patience for you 🙂 I love the story, and if I lost my patience there’d be no story, so 🙂 And I read the other SG-69 so I’m looking forward to a new plot 🙂 Thanks for the update 🙂

  8. Anonymous says:

    I have read Avatar Establishment books 1 & 2.
    I thoroughly enjoyed them.
    I hope you write more soon!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have read Avatar Establishment books 1 & 2.
    I thoroughly enjoyed them.
    I hope you write more soon!

  10. Anonymous says:

    any chance the next avatar chapter is out before christmas?

  11. I know it’s a little late to be commenting on this post, but I’d just like to say that I really miss Origin Systems. They had some great games and when EA started fucking around with their Intellectual Properties they really killed some of the soul. C&C3 is still good, but I’ll always have a soft spot for the first one and I really miss good space sims like Wing Commander and Privateer.
    On a related note, I recently got a new laptop and can’t even install C&C3. Still need to figure that one out. But I did manage to purge Vista and get all of the features of the laptop working in XP.

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