I hate this shit. I really do. But I need to let off steam. There’s no sex story stuff in this — it’s pure rant — so feel free to skip it if you want. Oh yeah, there is one sex story thing. The book that I have five chapters of (that’s about 25 THOUSAND words) is pure shit and I have to scrap it. Oh joy.

First off, my fucking house. Why the fuck I bought this thing is beyond me. Oh yeah, I needed a place to live. Wish I could have afforded a better place.

Computer stuff.

EA games, Command and Conquer 3 and FUCKING GAME SPOT.

First off, EA Games:

I loved all the C&C games (except for generals — that didn’t really count though). But I’ve had it with them. I will not buy another EA game. Period. Why? Here’s why.

Support: Don’t make me laugh.

Their forums: You’ve got to be shitting me. These fucking idiots have the search function turned off. So how the fuck are you supposed to find, in the hundreds of pages of the forums, answers to your questions? Then there’s the whole actually getting access TO the forum. Is registering enough? Nope. You have to create some stupid fucking profile, create yet ANOTHER username using their convoluted instructions, and THEN you can start posting. But you still can’t search.

C&C3: I like this game. I have fun with the game. I don’t like the fact that EA decided to put SecureRom in the damned thing. It’s gonna take me a while to clean that shit outta my computer, and the fuckers didn’t warn me that it had that malware in one of the patches — not even in the read me. I had to find it in the wiki — by accident.


They have gone so far down hill, that it’s pathetic. When you join for free, they fucking want all your personal info. Like I’m REALLY going to give them that. NOT. Stupid fuckers. Then, since of course, the EA ftp servers are down, and I can’t get the patch I need, I tried to download it from GS. Yeah. So like, it’s been almost an hour, and the 200Meg patch is still like, what, only fifty-fucking-one percent?

As an adult, we deal with shit all the time. Everything we try and do, we have to deal with shit. When I want to sit down and relax, I DON’T WANT TO DEAL WITH SHIT. I don’t relax often enough, and I’m just completely and totally tired of fighting with fucktards (a word I learned off the Jezebel {} blog– Goddess, I love those girls!) to get anything done. Even relaxation.


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I am Dark Pen. I write BDSM stories, almost always with plot and consider myself a Soldier in the battle against America's war on sex.
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One Response to WTF???

  1. Anonymous says:

    Windows VS Ubunto
    Heya there,
    Just read the last 4 posts u have on here…couldn’t agree more on “Microsoft is a megalithic entity comprised of mostly assholes” lol
    Anyways, dont know if u’ve already tried Ubunto (which is a Linux flavor), very similar to windows but highly advanced compared to windows…like light years away lol. plus its free!! just a comparative of both =D
    Haven’t tried the OS myself yet (w8ing for a new HD), but they’re launching their newest version 2morrow, so if you’re interested check out their homepage at
    Just thought I’d give ya a thumbs up, and good luck with your writing stuff…avatar is amazing!! already read it like 5 times already XD
    Keep up the good work =P
    PS. if you try the software tell me if it worked out okay …my email is

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