Thoughts about… breasts

Okay, weird thoughts coming through…

So. The prevailing opinion that I hear from women, is that men only like big tits. For myself, it would be more accurate to say that I prefer small breasts. Sure, larger breasts are easier to tie, but there’s something aesthetically pleasing to my senses about a slim woman with small breasts — especially if she has large nipples. Shape also plays a big, big part of what I look for in a sexually attractive breast.

Anyway, I was thinking about a lot of the porn that I’ve read on the net — most of which seems to have been written by men. And in many of those stories, small breasted women are prominently featured. Sure, there are a few stories in which the point of the story is large breasts, but the good stories (at least, the ones I think are good) are neither juvenile, nor about big tits.

I’m not saying there aren’t guys out there who only care about a pair of tits — I know there are. And I can certainly appreciate a large (but NOT FAKE), well shaped set of tits. But I have to wonder how many men actually only prefer large breasts compared to the number of men women think prefer large breasts.



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I am Dark Pen. I write BDSM stories, almost always with plot and consider myself a Soldier in the battle against America's war on sex.
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12 Responses to Thoughts about… breasts

  1. Anonymous says:

    you are very very odd.

  2. Personally I like breasts. Big breasts, small breasts, medium breasts. That a woman’s breasts are natural is more important to me than weather they are large or small. I’ll have to agree with Pen on shape as well, that is very important.
    If I had my pick of the lot, I would go for a pair on the large side I guess. Somewhere between a C and a D, but there’s nothing wrong with larger or smaller.
    Another thing that I feel is relevant is that how the woman feels about her breasts, and her body in general, can have a big impact on how attractive she is. I would rather have a lover with small breasts who was happy with them (like Ari) than one who wished her breasts were a different size or who altered them in order to please someone else. If a woman alters her breasts to please herself I don’t have a problem with that, but I still prefer natural breasts.

  3. knightly38 says:

    Large But Natural
    I personally prefer large over small, but the woman that has them is more important.
    If she is an arrogant bitch then she could have the best pair of boobs in the world and I still won’t screw her.
    or she could have a small set, a great attitude and I won’t be able to keep my hands off her.
    I still love a large C or small D-cup. something to play with and snuggle up to. but that’s just me.
    I seem to have the habit of drooling when ever I see cleavage. makes summer a very interesting time.
    I hope you all have a great year (wether you have small or large breasts to play with)

  4. verruil says:

    My preference is…
    Well, honestly, breasts don’t matter all that much to me. I’m far more interested in the esoteric things. Hands, eyes, the shape of the face. Those are the things that’ll truly attract me physically.
    If I had to say though, I’d agree with you. Smaller is better, well-shaped is better. I suppose that I find it more… Fun to play with, more… Human, really. That, and how the woman in question presents themselves.

  5. zerok0 says:

    My feeling about breast are…
    Big ones are fun to look at
    Small ones are more fun to play with 😀

  6. Hmm. i am attracted to larger women, honestly, and that tends to include larger breasts, though i’m an ass-woman myself. i have large breasts(DDs) and…LOL, i wish they were smaller, if only for my back! Still, my Master loves them, i don’t hate them and love playing with them (well…they’re squishable and soft…). It’s all good.
    Yep, it’s all in the ‘tude. i always thought guys would want a smaller pair of boobs, so maybe i’m just…naive. *shrugs*
    Anywho, there are my thoughts. *grins*

  7. knotsteve says:

    I’m definitely in the small breast camp, myself. My ideal body type for a woman is a petite with small breasts. (But then, you knew that already 😛 ) I enjoy larger breasts (and as you pointed out, they *are* easier to tie…), but there’s a point where they become just too big.
    On the other hand, large nipples are very good… 😀

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thoughts about breasts
    I happen to agree with you. While Big breasts are easier and more fun to tie and torture they really just get in the way otherwise. I prefer a handfull as any thing else is really just overkill. I’ve actually had this discussion with my male non-gay friends and with one exception, they all prefer smaller breasts.

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