Aetna — greedy, incompetent pieces of shit.

Okay, what the fuck…

As you might know, I’m not the healthiest of folks nowadays. So when my medication, you know, that stuff that helps keep me alive, is interrupted, I get a might bit testy. And here’s where the fuckwads from Aetna come in.

You see, I was informed a while ago that they had decided that I don’t actually need the medication my specialist prescribed for me. Their pet doctors, the ones who should lose their licenses and be jailed for malpractice, and who’ve never even laid eyes on me, decided that my medication can be replaced with something they wanted me to take. I explained to the drone on the other end of the phone that this was not acceptable and was given hoops to jump through to make sure I was ‘allowed’ to get the right medication. I jumped through the hoops, and thought all was well. Sometimes I’m an idiot.

So, I get my meds in the mail, and one medication is missing. It’s an important one, and it’s not there. I call up, and am told that Aetna has denied the claim for the medication. Not being overly amused, I call up to find out what happened, only to discover that hey, Aetna has no weekend hours! Only weekdays.

Is this our future? Is this what America is coming to? A hypocritical nation of bureaucrats who blindly just follow orders? Have we all been turned into corporate slaves who work for retirements that companies steal away to pay off the rich so that they can get richer?

Every, singly fucking large company has been remade to deny us what we pay for, and to steal ever more increasing amounts of our money and our lives.

The corps have firm control over our country and their political lackeys eat whatever shit they shovel — ignoring us, the voters, many of whom are still eagerly debating things like fucking EVOLUTION.

In the end, We the People, lose. We’re fucked over, our rights stolen from us and our money stolen from us, and we can do nothing. No wonder this country is heading for collapse.


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I am Dark Pen. I write BDSM stories, almost always with plot and consider myself a Soldier in the battle against America's war on sex.
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3 Responses to Aetna — greedy, incompetent pieces of shit.

  1. knightly38 says:

    The way we do it in Canada …
    I’d like to say that we do things a lot better up here in The Great White North, but the truth is that Canada is not that much better off. Our political idiots are trying to sell off every public company that they can, (to their friends, at a great discounts).
    Our Health system is a little better, but the bureaucrats and politicians are doing all they can to strew that up. a friend of mine is helping his elderly mother get a hip replacement, she was on a wait list for 5 (FIVE) Years. all because the government does not care about the little people.
    Makes me wish I was one of the rich and privileged.

  2. verruil says:

    Sadly, America is and almost always has been For the Rich, By the Rich, and Of the Rich. It’s gotten worse, much much worse in recent years, but the Constitution is a document that clearly favors the creditor over the debtor, and now, the business over the consumer.
    We, as a nation, have let this happen. You’re right, the nation’s headed for the crapper. One can only hope soon so that something worthwhile might be salvaged.
    On a more personal note, you have my sympathies about your medications. I’m all too familiar with that runaround. Take care.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Health insurance? Yeah… right…
    Sorry about the anonymous; I’m allergic to identity trapping where I can avoid it. Must be the anarchist/libertarian in me. Anyways we’ve sparred and even agreed before.
    I’ve heard horror stories about denied coverage; but, to date, haven’t really anything personally crop up. My insurer is going to get the bejezuz sued over the teen girl who was denied a liver transplant in Cally – rightfully so… and I dearly hope it costs the company hundreds of millions. That will, of course, increase my rates or force my employer to find an alternate source; but it will also hopefully force a sea-change in how medical insurance is handled and regulated.
    Make no mistake, the folks in the high rises don’t have your best interests at heart – in fact, the opposite is true. It is in their best corporate interest to screw people over just a tiny fraction less than it’d take for the people to leave. That balancing act is a tough one; and I’m thinking they’re falling over the side again. (Like they did with HMOs in the 80s)
    My dad died last week, but he was pretty smart about his medical care. The insurer had an optional mailorder service and kept trying to get him to switch by dangling lower premiums for the various life support meds he required towards the end; but he refused. He had a good, personal relationship with his pharmacist (she sobbed brokenly when she found out he had died) which tempered the corporate desires with a face – it’s much more difficult to say “no” to an old man than to a file on a computer.
    Depending on where you live, you may be required by the state to get coverage for things you don’t need – which often drives up the cost. The North East is pretty bad about mandatory riders, for example.
    Gambling on yourself is an idea that’s proven to be impossible – the medical insurance companies just won’t allow it. I mean really, how frigging difficult is it to allow annual roll-overs in your health savings account? Many folks (myself included) don’t use it at all because we’re worried about losing hundreds of dollars a year… or being forced to buy enough aspirin for a small third-world country. Oh, and lets not forget that we can’t buy sudafed in bulk because its a not-controlled controlled substance. (Never mind its actually easier to rend down liquid fertilizer for crystal meth)
    This is not the country I risked my life to defend. What happened to it? I don’t think a new President is going to change much… but this compassionate conservatism bullshit has got to fucking go – it’s neither compassionate nor conservative; or liberal or progressive. It just fucking sucks.
    In a tangentally unrelated topic: my vote to whichever candidate eliminated Patriot, breaks up Homeland Security, and defunds the TSA!

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