Just curious…

So… if you were to see Avatar made into a movie, who would you pick to play the various parts?


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I am Dark Pen. I write BDSM stories, almost always with plot and consider myself a Soldier in the battle against America's war on sex.
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10 Responses to Just curious…

  1. steveh11 says:

    I really think the only way you’d get Avatar into visual media is via CGI, actually.

    • Dark Pen says:

      Actually, I don’t think Avatar would ever get made into a movie 🙂 I think though, that I wouldn’t like it made as CGI. Although maybe a cartoon would be cool…

  2. Anonymous says:

    ummm going main stream cinema.. how about Natilie Portman for Ari and may be Sandra Bullock for Jane. They both fit the mental visulisations I have for the two characters – OK maybe I picture Jane a bit younger but….

    • Dark Pen says:

      Re: actresses
      Which just goes to show you just how differently people think of these things. Natillie, while quite attractive, isn’t built the way Ari is. ditto with Sandra.
      The person who I thought of when I ‘built’ Jane was the woman who played Ms. Parker on The Pretender.
      Of course YMMV

  3. wtriker says:

    The guy with the movie proposal was actually me. I cannot proove it but it’s true. I just finished creating my LJ account so here I am.
    Ok, on to the question. The answer isn’t that easy, because you would want to consider what kind of movie that would be… like:
    a) HollyWood – focused on the sci-fi story, perhaps even exchange sex Goddess for hm… love Goddess or so…
    b) daring European / other outside sources with some sex but mostly story focused
    c) “kink.com” kind of movie, with a focus on let’s say last 2 chapters where it’s mostly sex.
    Considering this, there can be a number of actor/actresses choices….
    a) either you want A grade actresses, maybe currently popular ones or perhaps coming ones…
    b) definitively some european choice of actresses, perhaps some irish redhead for lea, but also such that value nudity if it is in the context of the movie and has an artistic addition to it
    c) aparently you appreciate kink.com so the models could be used in the movie. as far as i know the ones that can stand a great amount of pain are wenona, madisson, amber rayne… there is actually one called Annette (Schwartz) *wink* … i do think that they would love to do such a movie (series)
    The real question here is how high of a budged you would get to not make the movie another cheap sex c rate movie, but instead a great story of epic proportions, for which this story provides a great baseline.
    I do think that if you would try to focus the story on bashing the american society it is doomed to fail, because everybody has enough of his/her bad things. Instead a love / understanding / hope of greater things storyarc could be very nice to watc.
    And, let’s not forget, that like with the Harry Potter series, the writer should have the last word in all the things, since noone else knows what he (well you, DarkPen, in this case) really wanted to say and how he (you) envisioned the whole thing.
    It’s late here, 4am to be exact, i gotta get up at 8, but it was nice to see that i wasn’t actually laughed at for the movie idea.
    Take care, and that goes for everybody who reads this.
    On a sidenote, i do hope that the next few chapters of Avatar are more story than sex oriented, because though i do like the bdsm world very much, i’m a “sucker” for the story itself (yeah, star trek, star wars and other deity/future related things are always fun) and for the relationships in it.

    • Dark Pen says:

      You have no need to prove it. It was an interesting idea.
      So, answers to your comments.
      A) I would not want to do this as a straight SciFi Movie. And Lea is not the Goddess of love, nor would I want to change the character that way.
      B) That could be interesting. It would certainly get closer to what Avatar has mutated into.
      C) Kink.com. Yup. Love to see them do it (under my direction, of course). No way could they pull it off though. Unfortunate, but true.
      Heh… speaking of the Potter series, I wonder if the actresses who play Hermoine and Luna would be interested in a part of Avatar? For that matter, Michelle Trachtenberg, who is just oh-my-fucking-god beautiful would be offered a spot as well. And let’s not forget Alyson Hannigan. Then there’s that woman from JAG — what’s her name? Oh yeah, Catherine Bell. Now THERE’S an actress with Jane’s body type.
      I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that not only have they never heard of my story, but even if they had, they would happily pass on being in a movie based on it.
      There is more story coming, as opposed to more chapters with a lot of sex, but those are in the queue first. Some of this stuff got written months ago. I keep trying to wrap up the story year, but the characters are all crowding around and want their say before I do.

      • wtriker says:

        Catherine Bell – yes well see, that is why i don’t get why not all authors participate in making a movie. only they know how one person is supposed to be, not some wannabe movie director / producer.
        I recently came across a beauty… Emmy Rossum. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjM1Lrsb7I8 – well yeah, she is a trained opera singer (at that film she was 17, now she’s 21), but well she’s drop dead gorgeous. Well i suppose we could go on and on who our personal stars are, but the real question is how they would suit some role. Maybe the one that is our personal best just dosn’t bring it… for this movie i mean…
        And also a comment on the “they don’t know the story”… maybe they would like it 😉 … who knows… women are strange creatures 😀
        … anyway, i won’t put any suggestions on avatar since ur writing it, not me. it’s always easy to be the general after the battle. but just as a personal comment – i’m looking forward to the chapters with more storyline… if you wrote it last year or yesterday really doesn’t matter, since Avatar 1 was written a while ago and is in no way lesser compared to book 2….
        as for the kink.com… why not drop peter a mail, maybe you win the price and they are interested… the worst thing it can happen is that they say no and you wasted 10 mins of your time (for the mail). best thing is they do it and you get a lot of money and / or popularity 😉 … even if they maybe use some of your hard-core sceenes for one of their shoots… for my taste they don’t use enough orgasm denial anyway hehe…

      • Anonymous says:

        Let’s see…
        Jane: Melinda Clarke (Hollywood)
        Lea: Sabrina Fox (kink.com)
        Not sure who she could play, but Claire Adams from kink would be a great fit for the overall universe.
        On that note I’d love to see Ari in Claire’s ropework and Jane under Sandra Romain’s control.

  4. Anonymous says:

    How about:
    Jane: Aria Giovanni
    Ari: Scarlett Pain
    Tina: Michelle Trachtenberg
    Ray C

  5. I’ll come up with a cast list later, but…
    I just wanted to say that I finished reading book 1 of the Avatar series, and I must say, you’re one of my favorite erotic writers… hope you don’t mind my adding you!

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