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Yup, I just posted the latest chapter. Interestingly enough, I haven’t been writing in the main story lately. I’ve been writing yet another side story, which, unlike the NIS story, is important to the main story. So, I’ve been batting about the idea of just inserting this story as chapters in the main, instead of calling it a side story. I mean, it is a side story — no doubt — but it introduces yet another regular character.

Speaking of which, I’m sure some of you are wondering where the hell I’m going with Establishment, and just how many main characters there’s going to be. I have answers to both of those questions, but, unfortunately for you, the only way you’re going to get them is to continue reading, cuz I’m not tellin’ you any other way. Heh.

Although I will say that I currently have no idea just how many chapters I’ll be putting into Book Two of establishment. I know where I’m going, I’m just not exactly which roads I’m going to take. Considering the story arcs I have to cover, I have to wonder if I should start book three of Establishment.

Sometime this week, a re-edited version of Training Jenny should be out on the new site I’m selling from. In case, you know, you had a bit of extra cash floating around that you could dedicate to some really kinky lesbian smut. Yay smut!

Speaking of which, I have come to a sad realization. We live in a nation of sexually dysfunctional people. This might not be news to many of you. And, it’s just possible that someone might stumble on this blog and think, “Yeah, all that disgusting sex out there! It’s horrible!”

Well if you’re thinking that, you’re reading the wrong blog. I am just absolutely fucking at my wits end with the Religious Reich (of any stripe). Our society is mentally ill, thanks to the puritanical ideas of these fuck wads. I wish they’d get one simple fact through their thick skulls: Not Everyone Is Like Them!

On yeah, and Evolution is not a theory!

Also, not everyone wants to be like them. Unfortunately, I’m getting somewhat annoyed at my self, since I’m developing a lower and lower tolerance to their stupid bullshit. Which is sort of ironic, since I want them to be tolerant of my views. They aren’t though, which sort of brings things full circle.

Anywho, if you are thinking of buying one of my books, please use one of my links. I get more money that way — and trust me, every little bit counts 🙂


About Dark Pen

I am Dark Pen. I write BDSM stories, almost always with plot and consider myself a Soldier in the battle against America's war on sex.
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16 Responses to More Avatar!

  1. mdsandler says:

    Link to the selling site?

  2. derwolf says:

    Not a theory?
    Newton’s Theory of Gravitation is a theory. So is evolution. The former has been superseded, to our immense benefit, and with any luck we’ll live to see the later overturned by a deeper and more subtle understanding of biology rooted in genetics and complex systems.
    The fact that it is a theory and not dogma is what lets us continue to learn and benefit from our growing wisdom.

    • Re: Not a theory?
      A part of me hates to admit it, but derwolf has a point. One of the paramount ideals of science is that we explain things in the best way that we can at the time and the theories are (hopefully) accepted as true until such a time as a better explanation comes along.
      A great example of this is the work of Isaac Newton, which while fairly accurate, does not explain all scenarios. Newton’s theories were eventually replaced with Einstein’s which were much more complex, but a better explanation than what had been accepted as truth in the past.
      Evolution, like Newtonian physics, is likely very accurate, but we must be open to a better explanation if one comes along.

    • Dark Pen says:

      Re: Not a theory?
      You’re both correct, but then, you both are using the correct definition of ‘theory’. An explanation that has a basis in fact, but that we don’t have every single solitary fact nailed down. However, that is not what the creationists are pushing. For them, the meaning of ‘theory’ is the same as ‘fantasy’.

    • hypnotic_joe says:

      Re: Not a theory?
      Some people just will not accept reality even though the evidence is clear and overwhelming. That is the problem with dogma, it dictates instead of discovers like science does.
      Personally I don’t get upset at people who are not thinking critically (which I find a waste of time and energy), I just feel sorry for them. The world is slowly passing these people by and they can not handle it.

      • Dark Pen says:

        Re: Not a theory?
        I wish that were so. Unfortunately, it’s not. They are being elected to office in droves.

      • hypnotic_joe says:

        Re: Not a theory?
        “in droves”? Lets see. 28 governors are democratic, 23 state legislators are democratic, compared to 14 that are republican and 13 that are split control, control of both houses of congress and a clear advantage to increase the democratic majority this up coming election no matter who wins the white house. An historic presidential election coming up that has the advantage to win for the democratic party.
        And that is doesn’t even take into account that not all republicans are creationists. I try to keep away from saying that all X people are Y.
        Yes the religious right had a Pyrrhic victory with Bush, however look at what it cost them. Gay marriage is legal in two states and with the Full faith and credit section of the constitution, it has to be honored anywhere in the US if preformed in those states. (that will cause it to be more accepted over the next 20 years) It also cost the right control of both houses of congress for maybe the next 8 to 10 years, so the next 2 – 3 judges to the court will be moderate to liberal.
        We are finally getting serious about energy reform because of high gas prices in the form of smaller cars, more energy conscious public, and a push among several of the states for cleaner energy. (which I personally see as the biggest issue over the next 10 years).
        I agree with you on many of the issues you have talked about. Where I disagree with you is the outlook for the future of those issues.

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: Not a theory?
        I think the issue is more the fact that Elected Officials and Religious nuts are hypocrites. They say one thing in public and then go home and watch porno and call 976 numbers. Porn would be dead if everyone did as they said. But no, it is one for the largest markets in the US.
        And why are public figures such hypocrites? Because much of the US population are hypocrites! We as a nation would vilify any perceived sexual nuance in one of our leaders. And unfortunately not just the Religious Press like Fox would jump on that story. It would be sensationalized by them all from CNBC to CNN, from USA Today to the National Enquirer.
        I wonder how many congressmen were getting blowjobs just before or just after they voted against Clinton? Honestly, I want a President that is getting sex often… would tend to make them calmer.

      • Dark Pen says:

        Re: Not a theory?
        I really do believe that as a nation, American’s are actually mentally ill when it comes to sex…

  3. Anonymous says:

    More Avatar! (Yay!)
    Thanks for the new chapter, as always much appreciated. I’ll probably get flamed for this, but have you thought of moving Avatar to the pay site? However pure one’s dedication to the story arc, the thought of getting paid for it does (according to all the authors I’ve ever met) help focus the creative spirit. I for one would be delighted to pay for my updates if it would facilitate the process. You could post the side story you mentioned there as a test. Alternately, some science fiction authors (Corey Doctotow and Diane Duane come to mind immediately, but there are more) have published books on line with a ‘pay if you liked it’ option that has usually brought in significant $.
    Re the religious right, sigh. They are due to start fading, thankfully. As a descendant of the genuine-article Puritans, my take is that this country suffers from periodic waves of religious fervor – the Great Awakening of the early 1800’s that largely wiped out the Deists (primary authors of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution) for example. The good news is that they don’t last forever (it just seems that way). The bad news is that they come back. So it goes.

    • Anonymous says:

      Pay for Avatar?
      I will have to agree with Richard that you can make more money if you move this to a pay site. You have the talent and the story to do it with.
      It would sadden me greatly if you do however, as I have long ago decided that I would not pay for stories. I would love to read “Curt’s Slave” as the intro chapters were some quality writing and intriguing from the very beginning.
      However, with the veritable plethora of stories out there both from good writer’s and bad, I cannot justify spending money for them. And I would have to abstain on the pay-per-read parts of one of my favorite stories. I am sure I would agonize over this decision if Pen DID put it up on a pay site.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yay for a new chapter!
    Thanks for the new Chapter, Pen.
    Cindy has taken the forefront of the story in the last few chapters, much as Ari, then Tina did when they were introduced. You certainly got me interested in Amy right away with the neighbors tease.
    Also, nice to see Fionna up and around 🙂 I am ready to see her involvement in the story start to heat up.
    And Sandy makes her move on Davyn and Helen…um…about time. LOL I AM surprised that part was not longer… like an entire chapter for it. It has been coming for so long, that this seems to be a footnote instead of an event. Maybe since it was a forgone conclusion that it did not need anymore.
    Personally, I would love to see more BDSM. Sensei and Gary are into the scene and that have been absent for a bit.
    As for conflict (from one of last blogs readers), I think that making Cindy a servant in spite of Ken’s decision should have cause a lot more of a storm. He is either establishing it or he is not. And it seems like a big vote of No Confidence the way that went down.
    Thanks again and keep on writing!!

    • Dark Pen says:

      Re: More Avatar! (Yay!)
      Wow. Someone asking for MORE BDSM. That’s kinda novel nowadays 🙂
      As for Ken getting a vote of no confidence, he is not the final authority on things. Lea is. Ken is making a mistake by making Cindy wait. It isn’t fair to her since she’s obviously more than ready to join as a full Priestess.
      But think about it for a moment. Ken’s very new to this. He was a normal, adult male only 7 months (and hundreds of pages) ago. How many adult males could recognize that a fourteen year old girl is ready for a sexual relationship? I think his objections are valid, no matter how the story makes things turn out. Sure, sex with a teen is hot — at least in writing — but it does change a person, and he was hoping to keep things more light hearted.
      Lea’s last try at the religion thing was during a time when people didn’t live very long, and sex at that age was quite prevalent. Plus, well, she’s a SEX GODDESS, so naturally she wants to bring Cindy into the fold. Cindy is very powerful, especially for someone so young, and there are things that cannot happen with Tina until Cindy is a full Priestess… oops… did I say that out loud? Oh well. It’s nothing major anyway, but still.

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: More Avatar! (Yay!)
        Well, Lea guides Darkpen’s pen in these matters 🙂
        But if you think of your own statement about Lea’s last attempt at the religion thing, it seems that she has taken on a Avatar to help make it prosper in the current day and age. And should maybe trust in his judgment. I am not talking about whether Ken is right or wrong, just that if Lea has waited this long for her religion to start taking off again, waiting for Ken to realize his error or 6 mos or so for Cindy to be of age in his mind would be nothing. Doing an “end around” as Ken stated it will only make him start second guessing himself in a time he needs more confidence, not less.
        Lea is the final on all things in this story as she guides the hand of Darkpen. Perhaps Ken will not think twice about it, or perhaps he will as human nature supplies plenty of it’s own self-doubt. Next big decision that comes up, Ken wonders if it will be second-guessed by Lea, or his wives (who should be punished for their part in this 😛 Lea decides that if it was OK a 1,000 years ago then it is OK now… oh wait… her religion was all but destroyed then. Not sure where Ken comes in to help Establish it again…
        As to being fair for Cindy, honestly, who cares. Many teens feel the world revolves around them (not saying Cindy does) but the good of the group is Ken’s concern, and if she has to wait a little longer then for the overall good, it will be a good lesson for her. She has a very long life in front of her that amount of time is a drop in the ocean for those of the circle.
        Having said all that, I still think the story rocks, just giving you a alternative look at it. I am only a passenger on this ride and passengers tend to help drive from the back, right or wrong 🙂

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