What to do… what to do…

So, if you were going to read a story, what would you rather read about? A teen who’s seduced into becoming a slave and trained to be a masochist (among other things) or a woman who already knows she’s a submissive masochist and is eagerly looking for a Master or Mistress to serve?


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I am Dark Pen. I write BDSM stories, almost always with plot and consider myself a Soldier in the battle against America's war on sex.
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24 Responses to What to do… what to do…

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’d have to go with th former

  2. I would probably go more for the first than the second as well.

  3. Anonymous says:

    the teen 😮

  4. steveh11 says:

    The first: Seduction and Training. It’s all about the process.
    The second: You could explore things like *why* she thinks she’s a submissive masochist. Show how she found out, how she adjusts to it (if she does) and what steps she takes, physically and psychologically, to find a Master/Mistress. It’s all about the character.
    I usually prefer character stories, so I’d go for the latter.

  5. jttbear says:

    Either one will be good if you write it. My preference right now is for option two. In the morning it could be option one. Both have the possibility to explore the twisted corners of the psyche, with some hot kinky sex thrown in for flavor.

    • Dark Pen says:

      Wow! So decisive! Awesome!
      Just kidding…
      I really was looking to see what people thought. I have startup chapters and concepts down for both story lines, but neither has completely grabbed me.
      At least I managed to get almost an entire chapter of Avatar written. Boy are you guys gonna hate me when I post that one!

      • wtriker says:

        why? no story whatsoever in it ? 😉
        you know we’ll love it.

      • wtriker says:

        Wanna know how ppl start to hate you? Let me set an example, cuz I am the master, believe me. Though, I still bow to the Master, Mr. (Gregory) House hehe.
        So… how do you make ppl hate you. Lets try that with Avatar…
        1. make a Ken-sidekick
        2. make Avatar either plot or sex only
        3. kill the Sensei character
        4. let Chad join one of the other gods and couse trouble
        5. instead of happy endings, let 1 character actually be hurt (i like happy endings with the bad guys ass-kicked)
        6. let the police freeze Kens account
        7. let child services find out about the sex in the mansion
        See? This is how you piss off ppl. Told you i was an expert 😉

  6. sushi_asuka says:

    Can’t I have both! And some more Avatar, I love it!!!

    • Dark Pen says:

      Hmmm… I don’t know you very well, but I’m tempted to say “Gee, aren’t we a greedy little slut!”
      Of course, you might find that to be an insult, and I do try not to insult my fans, so you can consider that I never said anything like what was written in the paragraph above…

  7. Oooh, i want both! Sorry i didn’t get the memo about Avatar’s new chappie…i was prepping for GenCon and then classes started up two days later.
    Anywho…if you write it, i will come. And probably cum. If Master lets me.
    Once again, thanks for the awesome stories! And i think i’m going to friend you…i keep thinking about it and then forgetting. Yes, that’s common in my everyday life. “Was gonna do something…what was it again? *shrug*”
    And i’m rambling. Time for me to shut up, LOL.
    Be well, and many blessings!

    • Dark Pen says:

      Sigh… another Both! I want it ALL!
      And I’d love to give it to you. Hedonist, below, came up with an interesting concept, but I’m not sure I could pull it off. My “I’m already a submissive pain slut, so stop tapping me with that fucking cane and have at it!” has a totally different personality than my “But I’m pure and innocent! I’d never play with my pussy because when I do I turn into some kind of an… uh… never mind…” character.
      Oh, and have I mentioned how much I love your little icon?

      • *grins* Well, i meant as two separate stories…but if i absolutely had to choose, i’d probably choose the first, just because…well, because! i didn’t start out as an admitted masochist…i was actually quite timid about my wants and needs. And now i’m…eager and bold in certain ways. So it would be nice to see that sort of evolution for a character.
        *beams* And thanks for the icon love. i adore it too, and my Master thought it very fitting when i showed it to Him. i need to find more lovely icons like it for variety…

      • Dark Pen says:

        Yeah, I’ve been thinking of getting another icon too… just can’t think of a good one.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like this could be two phases of the same persons life.
    Personally, I would prefer the first story as I like the “change” aspect of a character… start off one way and progress into another. It is more of a challenge I think as well. The second story if more of an exploration of desires already existing, but change would encompass trying to understand why desires are changing and the emotions evoked from the change.
    As for how a person is “seduced” is another aspect of the makings of a great story. Exploitation has not really been a theme that I have seen you explore and would look forward to it. “Seduction” can take on many meanings from blackmail to love, kidnapping to runaway and the desperation that comes with all this.
    In the “real world” we focus our play on SSC (Safe, Sane, and Consensual) but in part what drives us is the fantasy of going beyond SSC into the darkness and often times we do that via the stories we read and write.

    • Dark Pen says:

      It’s true that for all the Dark Pen name, I don’t usually do things like blackmail etc. The Law is, I think, the only exception to that, but I was pretty pissed off when I wrote it.
      There are all kinds of things I think about putting in stories but don’t because I think it would make the story hokie, or remove the reader’s ability to suspend belief.
      There’s one story on SOL that, for me, could have been a great story, but everything went too fast and too easily for the characters — sort of like here’s a magic pill now you’re godlike — and I just couldn’t get past it. The books of Travis S. Taylor come to mind. That guy got published through Baen and I’ve read better SciFi on the net. Ah, whatever.
      Anyway, for me the key is that a story has to be consistent within it’s own frame work, and, as with Avatar, if it’s gonna be fantasy, you gotta find a way to make me believe it.

  9. Anonymous says:

    You’d likely do either well, but Door Number Two would be my choice.

  10. Anonymous says:

    You’d likely do either well, but Door Number Two would be my choice. Women my age or older have always been my preference.

    • Anonymous says:

      Although I don’t know how old you are, I agree to the point that I don’t feel the victim needs to be a teen to be a good story. I have found women in their early/mid 20’s a bit more vulnerable to manipulation then teens.

  11. allen_wilson says:

    Door number two
    Seeing as we have them numbered now. Something from the subs point of view would be great.

  12. Anonymous says:

    *poke poke*

  13. Anonymous says:

    Girl gets trained!
    totally like the girl gets trained one… lots of interesting stuff you can do with pre and post training… how it effects her other behavior, and well… the sex scenes wouldn’t be bad either…

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