So… waddaya want, anyway??

NOTICE: When I asked people to respond to this poll, I wasn’t thinking of the poll in context of how Avatar should be written — although it’s fine if you answer that way. Also, I didn’t know (having only created one other poll) that you had to be an LJ user to respond to it. Sorry about that!

I’m putting up this poll because I’m curious about what people who read Erotica or whatever you want to call it, want to read about. It’s BDSM oriented because well, I write BDSM stories. So (drum roll please) here you go!


About Dark Pen

I am Dark Pen. I write BDSM stories, almost always with plot and consider myself a Soldier in the battle against America's war on sex.
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25 Responses to So… waddaya want, anyway??

  1. Anonymous says:

    The poll
    If you want more answers to your poll it should be open to people without a LiveJournal account!
    Still, keep up the good work on “Avatar” and your other projects.
    (I have bought all 3 of your novels.)
    A Fan from Europe

    • Dark Pen says:

      Re: The poll
      Sorry about that. I didn’t realize until after I made it and posted it that not having an account would be a problem.
      F’n LJ — it’s not like they couldn’t make it work.
      Unless I fucked up… and if I did, and someone know’s how to fix it, that’d be great!

  2. pyroarcher says:

    I love your story and the plot, the sex is just an added bonus that i admit that i look forward to. I really want to see the story progress and check your site daily to see if you have posted anything new. The whole three month wait kills me lol. Can’t wait to see how this ends!

    • Dark Pen says:

      Re: Awsome
      Yeah, I’m not overly happy about the wait either, but well, Life Is. I do really appreciate people who stick with me though, I know it’s hard to do.

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: Awsome
        Yah the meatverse sucks sometimes. And if not for already reading the first book and then all that was posted of the second book i wouldn’t have been so addicted and might not have checked back so often. Dang you and your very addictive story! lol take that as a compliment!

  3. stgardn1 says:

    I am assuming that 1 means disagree and 10 means agree. You might want to clarify that on the poll comments.

  4. allen_wilson says:

    What are we really polling?
    I know it was suppose to be about what we want to read but for me it was more. It was more like how the respondents feel and react. The one about are you a Dom (M/F), Subbie (M/F) or Switch (M/F) I had a hard time answering, for very personal reasons. A couple of the other questions had a lesser effect.
    My reading is more plot driven, as I’ve told you in other responses.
    Of course I could be wrong-It’s happened before 😎

    • Dark Pen says:

      Re: What are we really polling?
      Hey, I’d never expect someone to expose something they were uncomfortable with exposing. Unless you get off on that sort of thing. But really… no worries, and I appreciate your time.

  5. sushi_asuka says:

    everything you write is full of awesome!

  6. steveh11 says:

    Interesting set of questions. I answered them as “What do you want to read in general, not “What do you want to read in Avatar since Avatar’s kinda sorted for plot and style already.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hello Dark Pen
    Thanks for your latest chapter. I love Avatar. I love that it s pretty balanced between plot and sex. I hope Avatar will at last contain at least 10 Books!!!
    The first book I have already Word-Sampled and printed, will let them bind it in leather and have it next to my bed as lecture before sleep.
    Great GREAT Stuff. You know, I used to read a lot and still do, liking Kafka, Richard Bach, Brecht, Böll and lots of others BUT
    You’re my favorite writer by now!

  8. catbird says:

    I love Avatar and wanted to say thanks!

  9. kengr says:

    My answers are somewhat misleading since you only had male and female as gender choices and seem to have overlooked male subs entirely in the “what pairings do you want to see” question.

    • Dark Pen says:

      Actually, I did not only have male and female gender choices.
      “Are you a (or do you identify as):”
      I didn’t actually overlook male subs. They were purposely not included because I don’t write about them. Don’t take that as a bias against male subs. I don’t write about them because my mindset can’t seem to produce a believable male sub on paper.

      • kengr says:

        Actually, I did not only have male and female gender choices.
        “Are you a (or do you identify as):”

        Look at the question before that.
        Do you identify as:
        View Answers
        41 (87.2%)
        6 (12.8%)

        Just as sexual orientation is more than gay/straight, gender isn’t binary either.

      • Dark Pen says:

        For this poll, it’s all about what I write. I do not write about people of indeterminate gender, or trannies or whatever your choice of word is, simply because I can’t grok them. I’m simply not able to get into a headspace which would allow me to create a believable character.

  10. Anonymous says:

    openID works as well – for filling in the poll.
    I was puzzled by the options for the first question – I wasn’t sure what the difference between ‘I want reality’ and ‘Fuck SSC’.
    Personally I much prefer SSC, or at least relatively cons, and if you have written non-ssc stuff then apart from the stargate story I haven’t noticed it as such and all of it (inc SG) has been OK. Certainly no predictable kidnap plots that I can recall.
    scifi and paranormal. I guess it depends. Avatar is paranormal (and great). Mind control or that type generally works in BDSM stories. I guess with good plot and writing the setting (vamps or human, sci-fi or period drama) shouldn’t matter.

    • Dark Pen says:

      Hmm. Might very well have been redundant — I discovered I’m not very good at writing poles.
      Avatar is most certainly not paranormal. Avatar is, however, a SciFi/Fantasy story.
      I think I’d have to disagree with your last point, about if the writing is good. I’ve read things that I’m sure were written by good writers, that I just couldn’t get into.

  11. Anonymous says:

    poll is limited to lj-user
    dear dark pen,
    poll is available to lj-users.
    congrats on your avatar-plot.
    greetings from germany
    a friend

    • Dark Pen says:

      Re: poll is limited to lj-user
      So I guess your vote is for plot 🙂
      Thanks for the comment though, and sorry LJ polls don’t work for everyone.

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: poll is limited to lj-user
        openID works for filling in the poll. i.e. you don’t have to be LJ user, just be able to login using openID or whatever.

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