This is a scene from a novella that I’m writing that may, or may not ever see the light of day. Writing has been dragging for me, and I need to both concentrate on one thing, and shake things up a little. This should do both. I hope. Anywho, I’m putting it behind an LJ cut, because it’s WAY graphic. You have been warned.

By the end of my first week of school, no one had recognized me. That was good. I was trying hard to keep a low profile, and succeeding everywhere but in Aikido class. However, at the beginning of my second week, the dreams started…

I was naked, my body covered with a sheen of sweat. It was hot here, always hot, and even after all these weeks I was still not acclimated to it. I didn’t care though, and neither did the things using me. Demons, both of them. They liked the smell of my sweat, and my arousal, the salty taste of the fluids beading on my body. I liked it too.

I was on my feet and bent forward, my legs spread wide. I wasn’t quite up on my toes… no, not quite. My heels were up on blocks with a sharp ridge at the top for my heel to rest on. To make sure I couldn’t move, my feet had been nailed to the floor with two spikes. Each spike had been slowly and lovingly driven through the middle of my foot by one demon, while the rough tongue of another demon slid over my clit, making me moan and cry as pleasure and pain mixed in my brain. But that just the start.

There was a bar under my stomach, helping to keep me in position. The bar had hundreds of sharp spikes emanating from it. The shortest looked to be an inch, and since I was being forced to lean on it, I could feel the hot metal piercing the soft skin of my belly. There was a rope embedded with sharp bits of metal across my lower back — Demon rope — holding me down and helping to keep my back arched and my ass up. My shoulders were resting on a rough wooden plank which extended to each side. My arms were positioned on that plank, each hand palm up and kept in place by a spike, one through each palm.

The final touch was a board that was positioned behind my breasts. I was still not used to how my nipples look. They used to be small and pink; they’re still pink, but darker now, and they are definitely not small. They’d changed when, a few days into my stay here, a female demon had spent hours slicing them with her dark, poison-tipped claws. They healed almost instantly of course, which kept her entertained and me in agony. A delicious agony, since the poison slid along nerves meant to carry pleasure and mixed the signals until the pain felt good. Sort of. It was horrifying.

Currently, there was a different female demon in front of me. She looked — like most of the females I’d seen here — quite human, and quite beautiful. Her face and body were that of a young girl just past puberty. One look in her clear blue eyes would remove any doubt she was a young girl. I even knew this one’s name, well, the name she used anyway. Demon names have power, so getting their real names is tough. Teaka liked playing with me; she said I was her favorite toy.

At the beginning of this scene, Teaka had kissed me deeply then driven a thick, black spike through one nipple, pinning it to the board. She’d done it slowly, with small taps of a hammer while the demon who was about to fuck me scraped a talon across my clit. Like my nipples, that had grown considerably as well, and from the same cause. She’d smiled as I mewed and moaned, knowing the pain was giving me pleasure and the other demon was using an organ meant to give pleasure to hurt me. Such was my stay in their realm.

“Beg me sweet,” Teaka’s husky voice whispered. She licked my lips with her soft tongue, a long, long tongue I knew from experience hid a sharp barb that could pierce the skin and deliver a burning poison to into my blood stream. The poison heightened my perceptions, and made it feel as if time had slowed down. It also made me want her even more, made me want to hurt for her. “Forsh wants to fuck you, and you know you want him to.”

I did. That was the truth and the horror of it. I wanted him in me, even though I knew it would be agony. Because it would also be ecstasy. Horrible, fulfilling, glorious ecstasy.

“Please,” I whimpered, “please… do it… slow. Make it last a long time.”

She giggled — a low, sweet, sexy sound that should never come from someone who looked that young, and set the point of the spike against my other nipple. She tapped, lightly with the hammer. The spike was too dull to enter my skin with that light a touch, and my super-sensitive nipple processed the shooting pains, washing my brain with pleasure. The demon behind me pushed, and I moaned. Another tap, and another push, and the moan turned into a moan of pain, then a whine of pleasure.

So it went, with the demon behind forcing his cocks into me while the one in front made me beg for her to hurt me more. And yes, I said cocks. Forsh had two, each one was thick enough to cause bleeding in either of my tunnels. Both inside me at the same time ripped me up but good. I could feel the blood oozing down my legs, coupled with large runnels of my cunt juice and some piss. They often made me lose control of my bladder as they liked drinking my urine. They also liked making me drink it.

As if the length and width of the cocks in me wasn’t bad enough, the texture of the skin was rough enough to abrade my skin. The end of each cock had small spines that the demon could extend which would pierce my cervix. The hot, black, demon sperm wasn’t enough to impregnate me — my blood was required as well.

By the time the final spike was through my nipple and into the wood, those demon cocks were shredding me as I was fucked hard and fast. Claws dug into the soft skin on my hips and ass, raking me, leaving long cuts which ran with my blood. Teaka was using her claws to scratch the parts of my nipples that were exposed as she kissed me, her dark, sweet saliva flooding my mouth. I drank it eagerly, accepting the burning honey into my body as I was ravaged. She slid her tongue into my mouth as my first orgasm approached, and as it peaked, the barb in her tongue punctured mine. It hurt, but I couldn’t pull away as she moaned in pleasure, drinking my blood through the hollow barb that had just delivered a payload of poison into me. I continued to come, the pleasure and agony mixing into a feeling I had no name for, until the demon behind me came. He roared, his sweat like acid on my skin, as he pumped his black seed into my womb in hopes of getting me pregnant.

I wasn’t completely conscious when he finally pulled out, long minutes after dumping his seed. My pussy and ass were already healing. In fact, they’d been healing even as he’d been tearing them, or I wouldn’t have survived. The demons weren’t going to let me die though, any more than they’d let me go insane.

“My turn,” whispered Teaka in her little-girl voice, flicking her tongue at me as she moved behind me…

I woke, covered in sweat, my body vibrating with sexual energy and the need to cum. The scent of my sex and sweat filled the room…


About Dark Pen

I am Dark Pen. I write BDSM stories, almost always with plot and consider myself a Soldier in the battle against America's war on sex.
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12 Responses to Teaser…

  1. jttbear says:

    Wow, that was seriously intense. I hope to see the complete piece someday soon. I hope real life is not sucking too much for you right now.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh, very, very hot, got my blood pumping… 🙂
    I would love to see more, consensual, willing, slutty and truly masochistic are a rare combination in a well written story.

    • Dark Pen says:

      Re: Comment
      Well… if the story ever gets released in the wild, you’ll see she’s not… exactly… willing.

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: Comment
        Heh, but she does sound like she’s enjoying herself…slow corruption perhaps? 🙂

      • Dark Pen says:

        Re: Comment
        hey, it’s magic. What can I say?
        You’ll just have to get the book if a) I ever finish it, and b) it ever gets published.

  3. sushi_asuka says:

    meow, you now how to get a party started….

  4. Anonymous says:

    You’ve got me waiting on this new story to be completed as well as Avatar. Liked the story and would love to see whole thing.
    Hope you and yours are doing well

    • Dark Pen says:

      Re: Damnit!
      Thanks! Yeah well… Avatar’s gonna hafta wait for just a bit while I see if I can bring this story home. Sorry about that. But I’ll be sure an’ let people know if this gets published.
      And thanks for the well wishes — they’re always appreciated.

  5. dj_dray says:

    Wow awesome story can’t wait for more, best wishes in life and getting it published. Sad that Avatar is on hold though, oh well switch one for the other.

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