Heroes and other myths

I’ve been watching Smallville. It turns out that not only is Clark Kent the real villain of the show, but SEX is the root of everything ‘evil’! Or at least, American style evil.

Okay, Lex, the real good guy of the show, has sex. He’s nailed some supreme babes. Clark? Well, he had Lana, and threw her away. Green Arrow? Threw away one of THE hottest babes on the show.

Looks to me like the so-called “Good Guys” don’t have sex, or only have sex when they turn evil, but still manage to fuck over their friends and make the world an overall worse place to live. Sure, they stop the occasional villain, but they never KILL said villain, thus allowing the villains to escape and do yet more evil.

Thus, the American Hero.

If I were to write a superhero story, I assure you, he — or she — would be getting a TON of pussy. And MY hero would be good with a whip and a crop and when the Damsel in Distress offered herself after being saved, you can bet your sweet ass she’d be taken up on it.


About Dark Pen

I am Dark Pen. I write BDSM stories, almost always with plot and consider myself a Soldier in the battle against America's war on sex.
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5 Responses to Heroes and other myths

  1. girlgeek says:

    Oh Smallville. That show is such a train wreck. Every season I tell myself I’m going to stop watching. And then I watch just one more episode… and then another…

  2. jttbear says:

    OK, now I really want you to write a Super-Hero story. In your copious spare time.
    But really if you need to refresh your brain and take a little break from the anxiously awaited next chapter of Avatar, that would be a good way to do it. I’m sure it would be at least as awesome as your Stargate story.
    I do have to say I never liked Lana, sure Kristin Kreuk is hot, but Lana is an annoying whiny bitch. Now if Clark were to collar her and use a crop to adjust her attitude. that would make her a much more watchable character.

  3. hypnotic_joe says:

    Who is he describing?
    Damsel in Distress taken up on their offer of hot sex, all the college co-eds in lust with him, not afraid to kill villains, a True American Hero, and good with a whip …… sounds like Indiana Jones.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Crappy TV
    I’ve lived a while and I can tell you that network TV has always been bad. Totally unrealistic in terms of human interaction. The shows are written that way to push a right wing view of the world. And this is not only in terms of sex. Look at the number of shows /TV movies the depict the hero as either a cop or soldier to imply that these people are superior to the rest of us. Hell, you can’t even find decent music on cable TV these days.
    That’s why I have such high hope for sites like YouTube and DailyMotion. As the tools for video production become cheaper and easier to work with grass roots video content will overshadow the corporate/right wing crap and hopefully network TV will die a slow death.
    Perhaps then stories like “Avatar” can reach mainstream America.

  5. zerok0 says:

    Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex By Larry Niven
    This post reminded me of an old Larry Niven story, about the problems of Superman having sex.
    Found an html version below.

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