The Perils of Politics

Well, I lost a twitter follower, and probably a reader, tonight. That’s unfortunate, but it happens.

Twitter is not the best forum for airing political differences, so I thought I’d clear up my position on some things for those of you that care. Those of you that don’t or would prefer not to read my thoughts on politics can easily skip this post.

For the record, I don’t subscribe to the far end of either political spectrum and I’m certainly not a socialist or communist.

This means that I’m not for a government takeover of anything. In fact, in many — no most areas — I want the government to go the fuck away. I don’t want them in my sex life, I don’t want them stealing any more of my money for bloated pork and I’m not wild about them being involved in my healthcare.

Here’s what I want less of:

Corporations ruling my life.

They already do, in so many ways, and I really don’t like it.

I used to be a Libertarian. I agree with much of their platform. I don’t, however, feel that CORPORATIONS deserve the same liberties as actual people. Most have proven time after time after time that they are underhanded, scheming pieces of shit, who will do absolutely ANYTHING for a quarter point on the stock market. Corporate greed has destroyed our ability in the US to create anything, to produce anything. Their greed and short-sightedness have gutted our economy. They pollute, they steal and if they aren’t kept under strict control, their utter lack of morals destroys anything it touches. When the “Captain’s of Industry” take responsibility for their actions, when they stop working only for the stockholders and stop treating their employees as replaceable cogs, and inconvenient ones at that, we’ll need less government intervention.

Most corporations claim doing business here in the US is too expensive. And it is, I’m sure, expensive to stop dumping carcinogens into our water. To keep from dumping tons of pollutants into the atmosphere. In their favor, I have to agree that paying the rapacious rates that Unions demand of them can bit a little difficult.

Which brings me to the tweets that spelled the end of my follower’s interest in me.

The Koch brothers. Billionaire brothers, oil barons actually, who have, for many years, been subverting politics for their own ends. And under the guise of Libertarianism. It is, quite frankly, disgusting.

They front so many astroturf ‘foundations’ it’s really terrifying. And the teabaggers — or as they call themselves, the ‘Tea Party’ — are just the latest, but important, step in a long line of political activism. And Sarah Palin? Don’t even get me started with that hypocritical quitter. She’s pure poison. A woman who couldn’t bother to finish her term as governor and whose own daughter got pregnant out of wedlock because her mother believes in a provably false philosophy about abstinence. And people still follow this idiot? What the hell?

The Koch brothers were behind at least some of the anti-healthcare reform protests. They convinced Americans that “They shouldn’t have to pay for someone elses healthcare.” Really? Well I don’t fucking have kids but I still pay school taxes. It’s called being part of a society. I’m not happy the government has to step in, but at this point, how many more insurance horror stories do we have to hear before we understand that these fuckers will take every cent we have and give us nothing in return, while at the same time destroying our entire medical establishment?

The best way to get a bunch of people to do what you want, is to tell them something that SEEMS to be what they want. And the Koch brothers are masters at that and have been for YEARS. Of course, the Left wing has their own masters of manipulation, but many of them, like, for instance, George Soros are at least honest about what they’re doing. The Koch brothers don’t even have the grace to do that. They hide behind secrecy and layers of obfuscation and spend hundreds of millions to further their agenda.

Most Americans are under the delusion that this is a free country. And while I’ve always felt, and still feel, it’s the greatest country on Earth, it’s not free. And of late, we are far less free than we were even ten years ago, and it’s getting worse.

The ultra-rich are buying the hearts and minds of Americans. After all, since they essentially own the government and can buy pretty much any law they want through thousands of lobbyists and millions upon millions of dollars, what else is left?

To convince Americans that it’s all in their own interest. Enter movements like the teabaggers. They are another salvo in the corporate war on America.

American’s don’t help of course. We’re too distracted by Terrorism. By lack of healthcare. By an economy where we all fear for our jobs so the corporations can — slowly but surely — treat us anyway they want.

I should state for the record that there are many corporations that are ‘good citizens’. They treat their people well, they act responsibly. I love the fact that, in this country, you can go far with your small business. That you can, if you’re lucky, make a name for yourself and become successful. But the laws are being skewed more and more in favor of large corporations to, what else? Reduce their competition. Ah those wonderful lobbyists. I could be wrong, but I think that reducing competition by buying government officials, while a time honored tradition, isn’t exactly in the best interest of a capitalist system where the best product is supposed to win in the marketplace because more people will buy it.

I guess, in conclusion, what I really want to say is that politics is complex. It’ll make enemies out of friends and forge relationships between bitter enemies with a common goal. But it’s not something you can discuss (other than making short, inflammatory comments –as I do all the time — mainly for stress relief), in a hundred and forty characters or less.


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I am Dark Pen. I write BDSM stories, almost always with plot and consider myself a Soldier in the battle against America's war on sex.
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2 Responses to The Perils of Politics

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think most Americans agree with you
    Don’t be fooled by the corporate owned media and a few fools who watch Fox news. The fact is most of the people I’ve talked to over the last 10 years agree with your point of view. Most people believe otherwise based on what they see on the boob tube (the TV). Notice that the corporate media rarely covers political protests, people being thrown out of their homes, significant environmental issues, or health care. They either run stories no one cares about like what Brittany Spears is doing or cover a basic issue like job losses with a heavy corporate bias. Stick with the Internet or non-profit media for a real idea of what’s going on in the world.

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