New Avatar Chapter up!


Yup, got a nice, new chapter up on SOL.  I was going over it one last time this morning, and I have to say if you’re looking for this chapter to move the plot along, well, you’re going to be a bit disappointed.  There’s just a lot of that sex stuff.  You know, girl/girl, guy/girl… that kinda thing.

Speaking of sex stories, I did a little rooting around on Amazon for ‘BDSM Erotica’.  There’s a lot of it there, and I should state that since I only bought 4 books, my sampling is pretty light.  Unfortunately, so was the reading.

Okay, the first book I read was pretty good.  It was called Dangerous Cravings by Evangeline Anderson.  Overall it wasn’t a bad book.  There was an interesting plot — plain but interesting — with a slight twist, and a few decent BDSM scenes.  But they were very few.  Mostly, the book described the problems the two characters were having overcoming their interest in such a dirty, dirty thing like BDSM. 

The woman, of course, NEEDED a bit of BDSM, but was horribly embarrassed about it.  The man didn’t have the foggiest idea what it was all about, at least until he did a investigation into it.  I won’t tell how the book ended, but it was a romance novel, so I’m sure you can guess.

One thing all of the books I read had in common?  The woman had some hangups in her background and BDSM was the way she dealt with it.  Because it’s obvious that NO ONE would ever engage in that kind of sex unless they were already fucked up in the head.

What these books all lacked, in my humble opinion, were any really hot, descriptive BDSM scenes.  It was all ‘sliding into her warm tunnel’ kinda stuff.  Yes, occasionally there were actual dirty words.  Fuck was used.  And (I hope you’re sitting down for this) even the word cunt once or twice.  But overall I’d have to say the sex was lukewarm in all of them – what there was of it.

I won’t name the other three books I bought – two of which were so bad I couldn’t even finish them.  I had to wonder though, if this is where America gets its idea of what BDSM sex is like.  I also have to wonder if this is ACTUALLY what BDSM sex is like for most people.  Doesn’t seem to be from those I know in the scene, but maybe I’m totally wrong about that.

If I ever put anything up on Amazon – and I’m considering it – it sure as hell isn’t going to be mild spanking story with the sex only hinted at.  It’s going to be a story with plot and dirty, filthy sex acts, lovingly described in lurid detail.  And BDSM.  LOTS of BDSM.

Sadly, it won’t be under the Dark Pen name though.

Anyway, if you have a commercial story that came off of Amazon that you thought was hot, please let me know.  And enjoy this latest chapter of Avatar.


About Dark Pen

I am Dark Pen. I write BDSM stories, almost always with plot and consider myself a Soldier in the battle against America's war on sex.
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12 Responses to New Avatar Chapter up!

  1. kimbovet says:

    In the immortal words of Bill & Ted…
    Excellent!!! A new chapter just made my day! Nothing wrong with alot of sex & little plot. *chuckle* This will just tide us over until you write some more of the story. And I suspect we will see Vonda again, at least as a minor character, in the future. Thanks for the update.

    • Dark Pen says:

      Re: In the immortal words of Bill & Ted…
      Well then you should love the next few chapters as they too, have a bunch of sex in them. Especially the next one!

  2. Anonymous says:

    New Avatar Chapter
    Hey DP, I just was looking at the StoriesOnLine site and was pleasantly surprised to see the latest Avatar posted. Thanks, I really look forward to the new chapters. I know it’s only a story but I find myself falling a little bit in love with the goddess Leah. I was raised as a catholic (a religion that I walked away from long ago) and I find her character almost the polar opposite of the Christian God. Who we are told is all about love but, in fact, demands strict obedience and sacrifice – or you BURN IN HELL! Not my idea of love and understanding.
    I’m not surprised by your experience with Here in the US the media (including books, TV, & radio) is highly censored. As I have gotten older this has become more apparent to me. Those who control it have the sex is bad – except for reproduction attitude. Heroes are almost always soldiers or cops – who need not follow the rules like the rest of us. Marriage and a job, house, and kids are the goal that will make us all happy. And, of course, formal religion is pushed heavily.
    So thank you for writing Avatar. If I read the crap available from the corporate publishers I probably would have died of boredom by now!

    • Dark Pen says:

      Re: New Avatar Chapter
      Yes, as a recovering Catholic — as well as someone who is become more disenchanted with what Christain’s are doing to my country by the day — I can understand where you’re coming from. Lea is, indeed, very different from the Christian God.
      Since I’m from the US, I’m aware of how things are portrayed here. The FCC, the PTC (and what a piece of work those assholes are) as well as the teabaggers… it’s all getting to be a bit much. I love how it’s fine to portray dead, burnt and mutilated bodies, but show a breast and we get a years long investigation.
      Keep your eye on Amazon though… I might start putting some stuff up there. We’ll see.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The Kushiel’s Legacy series by Jaqueline Carey starting with Kushiel’s Dart is on there… its not necessarily straight up BDSM erotica, however its definetly got series BDSM moments all of which are looked at as totally ok. There also happens to be ALOT of plot though, these books are all over 600 pages and each and every one of them is interesting. So… technically its actually more along the lines of a book series that happens to include some serious sex scenes and only some of which are vanilla, its still a great read.

    • Dark Pen says:

      Yup. The first Kushiel’s books were really great and I loved them. There was a hole lot of implied BDSM in those books — very little graphic sex though. Which was fine, as the books were just outstanding.

  4. Anonymous says:

    New Chapter
    Thanks for the new chapter! More Avatar is always a Good Thing. About Amazon’s BDSM – there’s really good stuff there (Anake Jacob’s Owner and Owned, and As She’s Told; Elinor Carr’s Pleasing Him; NT Morley’s The Library; Sir Nathan’s Culture Shock… and a lot more pretty good stuff – Jake Marlowe’s Exploitation of Lindsey Cooper; Terri Pray’s Broken To The Collar; Polecat’s What If She Wanted…
    The problem is that there’s vast quantities of drek to wade through to find the good stuff (Ashe Mannix’s The Violated, for example). This is not a problem limited to BDSM – check the fantasy, science fiction, and mystery sections. In addition, there’s a subgenre of BDSM romance writing which is often reasonably well written but usually a little too, well, nonspecific for my tastes – though there are exceptions.

    • Dark Pen says:

      Re: New Chapter
      Oh yeah, there’s always a ton of crap to wade through before you get to stuff you like. I’ll take a look at the stories you pointed out though. Eventually some of my stuff will be up there, but I don’t think it’ll be under the Dark Pen name.

  5. Anonymous says:

    New Avatar Chapter
    Hey Dark Pen: Glad to see the new chapter up. Regarding Amazon and BDSM, I doubt that you will find much quality BDSM there. I haven’t seen much hardcore anything there. Hardcore is too far out there for the mostly mainstream audience of Amazon, B&N, Borders, etc.
    If you’re looking to publish your stuff, or look for other writers, you can try the independent publishers, Extacy Books, eXcessica and others. Selena Kitt from eXcessica publishes a lot of things other houses will not touch. Check the submission guidelines for what they will and won’t publish. They may draw the line at urine/scat play though.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Finding your stories
    I have recently been reading Avatar up to 2.20 on asstr and BDSM Library. But you stopped posting there in 2005. So I had little hope to continue reading.
    I was elated when I found your livejournal through google and noticed the news about new Avatar chapters, only to notice that You didn’t post any links to it.
    Since you also sell books I figured you stopped posting Avatar in 2005 to get people to pay for the rest.
    It took me quite a while to figure out that you have to be logged in to storiesonline to see all your stories, not just two. (found a direct link to the story over google and got the notice to login)
    You might want to post a notice about the login somewhere.

    • Dark Pen says:

      Re: Finding your stories
      Sorry you had so much trouble hunting things down. I stopped posting on BDSM library for a variety of reasons, but I’ve kept up with posting on SoL.
      I have and do sell books, but Avatar is not for sale. I’d feel kinda crappy leaving it free all these years, but then making people pay to read the ending.
      You can check the side links in this blog for a direct link to Avatar and you can check this blog or follow me on Twitter for announcements about new chapters.

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