Yup. Google is still not getting it

You know, if Facebook requires a real name, that’s one thing. I mean, they don’t go after people who’s names they think are fake — at least not like Google has for G+. But here’s the thing about FB: They only have one service. Sure, there are games and some other crap tied into it, but it’s mainly just a place to hang out and post stupid things. Google? BIG difference.
Google has a LOT of useful services, but most specifically, their email. People have been using pseudonyms for the email forever — myself included. What’s going to happen once Google starts requiring real names for all their services?
Well, they’ll be losing a lot of people, that’s what.
Some will go off and get custom domains, but others will end up at Hotmail and Yahell. And eventually, a new service will take gmail’s place in the world because, no matter what those awesome people in upper management at google say, PEOPLE DON’T ALWAYS WANT TO USE THEIR GIVEN NAME ON THE NET.
Management — and as I’ve said before, I’m certain that’s who’s pushing this — more often than not lives in a fantasy world of their own making. It’s often strongly supported by the marketing people, but eventually reality crashes in. It might take a while (like when the housing market crashed, and all those awesome people on Wall Street caused our economy to tank), but it’ll happen.
Still, I have to wonder about the why’s of this real names push. Is it something that’s a stupid as stubborn upper management with little connection to reality? Or is it being pushed by something else? Let’s not forget that whole ‘Arab Spring’ going on. Lots of unrest is being fomented on line, and the one thing that governments — and the large corporations who own them — REALLY don’t want, is unrest.
The use of pseudonyms is just so endemic that I simply can’t find common ground with people who think that real names are fine for everyone to use. There is NO argument at all that they could use to prove their point to me, because I’m looking at the facts. At the real world, and what happens when people can’t keep some parts of their life disconnected from who they are. Yes, sometimes bad shit happens because someone hid from the ever present authorities. Well… too bad. Said authorities should either change their laws and expectations to something realistic, or stop wasting their fucking time hunting down people who break stupid laws.
Anyway, just some thoughts.


About Dark Pen

I am Dark Pen. I write BDSM stories, almost always with plot and consider myself a Soldier in the battle against America's war on sex.
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One Response to Yup. Google is still not getting it

  1. steveh11 says:

    I so want to “+1” this… oh. wait. 🙂

    100% agreed, DP.

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