Avatar and Submissive men


So I just wrote my first scene with a submissive male in it. I mean, I did do one with Tina and Greg back in Chapter 41, but it wasn’t really a scene. What I just wrote is, although it’s kind of a scene-lite.

It was strange. I simply don’t envision men in a submissive role. It’s not that I think you can’t be male and submissive; it’s just that my brain doesn’t think that way.

When I think up a BDSM scene, I’m more inclined to use women for both top and bottom. There are a bunch of reasons for this, but mainly I think it’s because I’m straight. Male/male sex isn’t a turn on for me, and the focus of a scene, for me, is what the bottom is going through — so a male as a bottom isn’t interesting to me. Another reason is just that, well… women can cum hard and often, and I like that. With guys, they cum, then that’s that for a finite period of time. While that time may vary, one must agree that women got the prize when it comes to orgasms. Yes, I know, they got kinda shorted if you add in that period thing, but you know what I mean.

And that’s one of the things that fascinate me about submissive women. You can make them cum a bunch of times, and, in the end, making them cum maybe more than they wanted to is a seriously hot thing. Because you can make a woman cum a lot more often than a man could, I think it makes them easier to train — all things being equal.

The other thing is this idea that’s been nagging me for a while, and that’s living more in a sexual moment. I think that women can maintain a higher level of lust much longer than men. I’m sure this isn’t a universal truth, but it certainly seems to be more true than not. And that’s one of the things that I love to think about when I’m thinking about a sex slave. She’s almost always turned on. Not just during an actual scene, but even when she’s doing something that might not be inherently sexy. Like washing dishes while wearing cuffs, or simply being bound and left alone until her Master wants to use her. The act of being bound, of simply becoming a sexual object is a turn on for her and she’s aroused. Living in the sexual moment, but making that moment extend for a long time.

I think it’s possible to train a slave to live like that, but I’m sure that most people simply wouldn’t be interested. Still, for those who are, it must be a serious high to be aroused that much of the time, but knowing that your ultimate pleasure is still controlled by someone else. The owner of such a slave would be a very lucky person.

Anyway, it’ll be a while before this chapter is released, since it’s number 54 and I just put out 51. But when it does get released, I’ll probably make note of the F/m scene and see if I can get peoples’ input on it.


About Dark Pen

I am Dark Pen. I write BDSM stories, almost always with plot and consider myself a Soldier in the battle against America's war on sex.
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