Avatar for the long weekend

I’m not sure why, but I’ve been doing a lot of work on Avatar lately. I also have no idea how long my current flurry of activity will last. Perhaps I’ve been working on it because I think I’ve filled in a bunch of the gaps that were there and holding me up. Perhaps I’m just taking advantage of a creative spurt. Whatever the reason, I’ve written quite a few chapters in these last three weeks.

My plan is to post the story more often. Since I’ve already written a number of chapters, this should be easy. I’d love to get back to posting once a week until the story’s finished, and, from where you’re sitting, that’ll be a while – even if I posted once a week. From where I’m sitting, I think I can see the end of the tunnel.

I’ve always known where the story was going to end, and for me, the fun was in getting there — even though for a time I wasn’t sure how I was going to get there. I have a much better idea now, which is good. I’m still waffling on a character here and there, and the characters themselves occasionally get out of hand (Jane, I’m talking to you here!), but they are accepting my guidance. Mostly.

Regular life is still… challenging in many ways. There is still too much illness in it for my comfort level, but there’s nothing I can do about that. My job still sucks, and is still in jeopardy — although not quite as much as it was a few months ago. With the level of corporate stupidity being proudly displayed by our company’s ‘leadership’ team, no one is safe. Including the company itself.

Oh, and I’m still pissed at google plus (is the plus the part where they fuck over people who don’t fit their idea of the perfect, easily identifiable user?), and am hoping that Diaspora will eventually get its act together and send me a fucking invite. I put in for one, but ain’t seen nothing other than their “Yeah, yeah, hold your fucking horses” emails from them. Oh well. It’s free, so I really can’t bitch.

I can wish that online ‘services’ like google plus and facebook would make themselves safe for adults to use. Wishful thinking, I know.

Anyway, enough of that shit.

To all the readers that have stuck with me so long, thank you. I write for myself, but I also write for you and you’ve been kind to me. If you’re Stateside, have a safe and fun holiday, and, if you have a wee bit of time, read the latest chapter which should be up sometime today.


About Dark Pen

I am Dark Pen. I write BDSM stories, almost always with plot and consider myself a Soldier in the battle against America's war on sex.
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2 Responses to Avatar for the long weekend

  1. Allen says:

    First, thanks for the new chapter. I hope you keep that productive feeling going for a while. Either that or feed your muse a lot of chocolate.

    As far as posting every week, that would be fantastic. Even every two weeks, or three, or four, oh, just post them anytime you want and I’ll be there to read them.


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