Corporate Censorship and the Theocratic States of America.

If you’re not interested in reading about my thoughts on Paypal and the theocracy the USA is becoming, feel free to skip ahead to the portion after the three asterisks (***). Otherwise, read on, but beware. I’m not pulling any punches. The time for that is over.

So everyone’s breathing a sigh of relief because Paypal backed off their corporate censorship bid. Well, maybe not everyone. I’m not, and I’m sure there are other people who aren’t either. Because it isn’t over. And it won’t be over until we have laws in this country that protect our rights.

We have laws like that, you say. Do we? Really? You could have fooled me.

The Frog in the Pot theory was mentioned on one of the blogs I read, and it’s a theory that the government — Republicans and Democrats — have been using for a long time. My hot button with the Democrats is gun control. They’ve been chipping away at Second Amendment rights for a long time. There have been some reversals of that in recent years, but with the good comes the bad. And this time, it’s a whole lotta bad: Fundamentalist Republicans.

It’s one thing to run the government using a fiscal philosophy and there was a time when Republicans did that. No more. Now the government is the dog that’s being waged by a theocratic tail. Ah. Theocracy. It’s not much better than an Idiocracy. But I’m not going to mince words anymore. I’m going to say it straight out:

It’s the rabid Christians that are causing this problem.

Oh, I can see some of you shaking your heads, but you know it’s true. Are the Jews or the Muslims trying to get the bible into our education system? our court rooms? the halls of our government? No. It’s the Christians.

Now I’m not gonna go off here and say All Christians Are Bad. They aren’t. In fact, I’m betting that the vast majority of them aren’t. But the vocal ones are. They’re ignorant and proud of it. They think people like Palin, Michele Bachmann and that barbarian from the Middle Ages Santorum are smart. And somehow they’re gaining control of our country.

Enough of that. Back to Paypal. Paypal has a leg to stand on because if there’s one thing here in America we’re proud to say we’re against, it’s sex. Sex is evil. It’s like a drug, and you know how we feel about drugs! We gotta stamp them out! Well, except for the ones we can make an obscene profit on — or are government approved. Like having sex only for procreation (which is why we don’t need birth control). Anyway, Paypal was able to contemplate banning completely legal fiction because if they were brought to court, they’d win. No good, Christian, law-abiding American would read that horrible trash. Sex with dogs. Pseudo-incest. And Rape — which is always bad unless it’s State Sponsored Rape (you know, like all those bills our theocracy keeps passing), or where everyone knows the girl was a slut. How do we know she’s a slut? Well, she’s taking birth control pills!

Never mind that there is no such thing as “pseudo-incest”. The major reason why incest is BAD is because of biology, plain and simple. Because of bad gene reinforcement. But of course, in this country, talking about a biological fact is verboten.

Note that I said the major reason. I should have said ONE major reason. There are others that are not so easily pinned down. Power dynamics between parent and child would be another. And I’m sure there are more.

But murder is bad. Horrific murder, described in loving detail. Described in ways that show you how to get away with it. That kind of fictional writing is in thousands of books, and no one cares. It’s on TV almost every night, and no one cares. But bring that truly evil thing called SEX into the picture, and It Must Be Stopped.

This thing with Paypal isn’t over. Not by a long shot. They’re gonna do what the anti-abortion and gun control crowds do — slowly nibble around the edges until your right to read what you want is gone. Hell, if you want to read about a seventeen year old boy pounding the shit out of his high school teacher, you’re already out of luck — unless we’re talking about violence. Because seventeen is too young to be having sex. In this century, anyway.

So please keep your eye out. Watch carefully what these fuckers, and by ‘fuckers’ I mean monopolistic corporations (Paypal) and the coming Christian Theocracy, are doing to us. I’m not saying you shouldn’t believe what you want. I’m saying you need to stop from trying to force other people to believe it.

The Christians say “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

And that shows the fatal flaw in their thinking. What if I don’t WANT to be treated like a Christian? Sure, there are commonalities in our beliefs. I don’t want you to walk around slapping people, for instance. But when you push your religion on me. When you push a free government into adopting YOUR morality, and YOUR beliefs couched as scientific fact, you’re slapping me in the face. Keep that shit up, and I assure you I won’t be turning the other cheek.


So, on to other news. I’ve almost completed a major story arc for Avatar. This makes me a happy camper, even though it’ll be a while before you guys see it. I’m working hard to wrap the story up. Today, I’ll be posting chapter 62 which for me means I have eighteen other chapters written, but not edited. Yes, I could put them out faster, but things towards the end of the story are getting complicated. Yes, I know where I’m going, but when I get there with you all, I don’t want you to be thinking “What the fuck?” because I missed something and f’d up the story. So I’m posting slowly. Now, once I’ve finished the story — and I have no idea when that’ll be in spite of knowing how I’m going to get there — I’ll be trying to edit as fast as I can and post weekly.

And finally, please remember that there are links to paid content on this blog. If you buy something off Amazon, feel free to rate it. The Amazon story is softer core than my other books, because it’s more mainstream. Of course, I still think it’s a good story, or I wouldn’t have posted it. And when I say softer core, I don’t mean the sex isn’t hot and descriptive. I just mean that there’s not as much BDSM in it as I usually write. I would have put it in there, but I was afraid Amazon might ban the book. Again, with the censorship. But I have somewhat less of a problem with Amazon doing it because it’s their site and for now, I have other places to sell my work. Paypal, on the other hand, is all but a monopoly, not to mention it’s just a fucking pay service. Like my bank, they should have absolutely NO say in what I buy with MY money.

So have fun, enjoy this latest chapter, and feel free to email me about what you like or don’t like in my books. Or, you can comment here.


About Dark Pen

I am Dark Pen. I write BDSM stories, almost always with plot and consider myself a Soldier in the battle against America's war on sex.
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7 Responses to Corporate Censorship and the Theocratic States of America.

  1. Adrian says:

    I’m not American and I live in Europe where there is a lot tighter gun control. But there are still killings with firearms. Today, a French – Jewish teacher was shot along with three children.
    It’s both horrible and horrifying.
    I hope that somehow, somewhere, people start to take notice and protest. We don’t need an Arab Spring – but maybe an American and European one.

  2. Segun says:

    Vocal people are ignorant?! No say it aint so Joe, say it ain’t so.

    • Dark Pen says:

      Well, that was a generalization. Not all vocal people are ignorant. But we have a very vocal minority in this country who are given their way simply because they are vocal, and that’s not so great.

  3. Seabourne says:

    Can you offer a good alternative to Paypal for online payments? Right now Google Wallet is about the only solid alternative that I’m aware of, and due to market dominance, it’s difficult for anyone online who is too small to process credit cards to use an alternative. Recommendations? Thoughts? I want to see paypal set aside for it’s abuse of monopoly power for attempted speech supression, but we need a place to move to, or else we’re stuck trying to buy a significant voting share of Ebay to alter corporate policy.

    • Dark Pen says:

      Not really, no. And worse, it appears that Mastercard is jumping on the bandwagon by banning specific WORDS. I’m still looking into this and waiting for a response from my publisher, who just emailed me a link to this absurd list.

  4. Joe says:

    Enough about paypall & stuff, i’ll coment on Avatar…

    So .. is it just me or is the story getting more and more child porn every day…
    … first Ari, then Tina, then Cindy, then Amy then next next and next…

    Ok, i get it that you are against many idiotic laws and such, that some things you write cuz you feel like it but … really… as a whole … well as i said, your story, my opinion…

    As for the plot… hmm… was a nice sci-fi crossover bdsm story, now it’s hm…. too many ppl and lost the .. “focus”… the main characters were fun, side ones also, but now there’s just too many of them and no story on the main ones …

    Will see what the future (read as: next chapters) will bring, i hope it’s “back to the roots” somewhat…

    (btw pls don’t get me wrong, i’ve been following book 2 since chapter 21 came first out, checking about every 3 weeks if a new chapter is out, wouldn’t do that if i didn’t like it)


    • Dark Pen says:

      Let me just say this, and very, very clearly: There are no children in this story. None. While there are characters below legal age, they are all teens and there are a hell of a lot of stories with younger characters in them.

      Ari, is 17, almost 18. Not a child. Tina is 15. Not a child. Amy is 17. Not a child. Cindy is the youngest at 14 — and she isn’t really a child either, in spite of her physical age.

      As for the plot complexity well, not sure what to tell you. Maybe you should wait until the story is finished so you can see where everything is going and skip over the child porn.

      And yes, you did piss me off with that comment.

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