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Where the hell…

… have I been? It’s freaking May already — like the END of May, I have haven’t even posted ONE blog post! Ouch. I suck. No Avatar either — which I think you folks probably like a lot better than … Continue reading

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Still on hold… and holding on…

Still On Hold People have asked, over the years, why I don’t put Avatar up for sale. They say they’d be happy to pay for it, and while I appreciate the sentiment, there are a bunch of reasons why I … Continue reading

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Time… stands still. NOT.

Holy shit! I haven’t written a blog post since OCTOBER?? Damn how time flies. Well, you all know that in December I posted a chapter a week, which was a great thing. Now it’s March and I haven’t posted anything … Continue reading

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Keep Calm and Read the Chapter!

And another chapter of Avatar is posted. When I look at where I am with regard to the writing this story, verses what I’ve posted, I feel a little guilty. Also, when you read this chapter, it’s my hope that … Continue reading

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Avatar for the long weekend

I’m not sure why, but I’ve been doing a lot of work on Avatar lately. I also have no idea how long my current flurry of activity will last. Perhaps I’ve been working on it because I think I’ve filled … Continue reading

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Avatar and Submissive men

  So I just wrote my first scene with a submissive male in it. I mean, I did do one with Tina and Greg back in Chapter 41, but it wasn’t really a scene. What I just wrote is, although … Continue reading

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New Chapter!

    Well, it’s three in the fucking morning, and I should be asleep.  I’m feeling tired enough, but it just ain’t happenin’.  So what’s a guy to do?     POST PR0N!     So yeah, I went and posted a chapter … Continue reading

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