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Still on hold… and holding on…

Still On Hold People have asked, over the years, why I don’t put Avatar up for sale. They say they’d be happy to pay for it, and while I appreciate the sentiment, there are a bunch of reasons why I … Continue reading

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Time… stands still. NOT.

Holy shit! I haven’t written a blog post since OCTOBER?? Damn how time flies. Well, you all know that in December I posted a chapter a week, which was a great thing. Now it’s March and I haven’t posted anything … Continue reading

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Avatar for the long weekend

I’m not sure why, but I’ve been doing a lot of work on Avatar lately. I also have no idea how long my current flurry of activity will last. Perhaps I’ve been working on it because I think I’ve filled … Continue reading

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Yup. Google is still not getting it

You know, if Facebook requires a real name, that’s one thing. I mean, they don’t go after people who’s names they think are fake — at least not like Google has for G+. But here’s the thing about FB: They … Continue reading

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Service Society

Lazlo Zalezac wrote this great story on SOL called Service Society.   Generally, I don’t read SoL stories like this because they just don’t interest me.  But I like Lazlo’s writing and decided to give it a try. I wasn’t disappointed.  … Continue reading

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Online Identity, Clouds and Google

I was totally into the whole Google Plus thing. I really was! I thought, hey, here’s a place for adults. Where we could, you know, have Adult conversations and content. Unlike Facebook, who deletes you without warning for random reasons. … Continue reading

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Newest Post on SOL

Poison (Life in the American Corporation) You drink some every day. At first it isn’t much and it doesn’t taste too bad. “Here, do this task,” you’re told. Hey, that’s what you’re there for, right? To work? But well, what … Continue reading

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